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People have an idol in their life. The only difference in case of 26-year-old Mukesh Yadav is that he has written and self-published a book about his idol SHAHRUKH KHAN.  

The Maverick & his moves


I am Mukesh Yadav, living in Faridabad, which is 30 kilometers away from Delhi. I did my schooling in Faridabad, graduated in Mechanical Engineering and now working in Faridabad as a system coordinator.

From an early age, I am a huge fan of Shahrukh khan and admirer of his work. Not just only acting, I am quite influenced by his forthright views, valuable thoughts and various possible zones that he has explored in his life. His work in Indian entertainment industry has a massive impact on my mind. There are so many wonderful things about him, which I thought is necessary to write and show to the world. Therefore, in 2012, I started writing about the actor Shahrukh Khan.

“Maverick” means showing some independence in thoughts and action. Shahrukh Khan started many trends in India. He was the actor who started doing unconventional villain roles at the beginning of his career with films like Baazigar (1993), Darr (1993) and Anjaam (1994). He is the pioneer of marketing movies in India in a different way. He started all with films like Yes boss (1997) and Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani (2000). He was the first actor who initiated the revolution of celebrity endorsements in India. Before his time, actors hardly advertise for products. Therefore, the title of the book “The Maverick and his moves” is completely suitable for this book.

“The Maverick and his moves” is a short book of about 150 pages. It is a compilation of thoughts, beliefs, views and ideas of Shahrukh Khan, which shaped him as an actor, an entrepreneur, a brand-endorser, a philanthropist, a father or simply as a human being. I am able to write this book because Shahrukh Khan is an actor who gives many Interviews. He takes part in various public events and gatherings of intellectuals. He gives thoughtful answers in the press conferences. However, if someone like Shahrukh Khan is saying something, it means a lot to everyone. Therefore, the actor’s interviews and Press conferences are the major source of my research while writing this book.

In March 2015, I showed my manuscript to some of the biggest publication houses of India like Rupa Publication, Penguin publishing house, Jaico Publication and many more. But, these publication houses refused to take it up for publishing. Some said that there is a need to improve the overall structure and language of the book while other said that the book does not fit into their publishing list. After being rejected by publication houses, I decided to self-publish my book. On 19 December 2016, my book about Shahrukh Khan "The Maverick and his moves" launched by Partridge India, an imprint of one of the world’s leading supported self-publishing services providers, Author Solutions LLC. It took around 4 years for me to write and publish this book. Now, my book is available in Amazon, kindle, flipkart, Barnes and noble and many other online destination.

This book is not written by a professional writer but one will feel good and inspired by reading the book. As a Creative person to whatever level, I have tried to write only positive or good things about him, which can inspire people especially young people. The book has the power to change the thought process of a person. There are a very few things about the movies of Shahrukh Khan. The book includes discussion of stories and challenges in his life. After reading this book, one can learn that there is a life, which can only happen if you have goodness and hard work in your heart. The book is not a homage but it does talk very honestly about the person, the character and the characteristics of the actor.

 I never met Shahrukh Khan in my life but I have a dream of meeting him once in my lifetime and want to show my book to him. That will be the proud moment of my life.

Facebook page of the book.


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Download e-book from Amazon Kindle https://www.amazon.in/dp/B01N6QMKML?ref_=k4w_ss_store_lp

Author : Mukesh Yadav

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