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Latest 5 Travel Technology Gadgets That Every Traveller Will Love

Today, we are going to discuss about the travel tech gadgets of 2017 & how it will shape the future of travelling in the next 10 years.

We are in the new era of Digital World where everything is just click away from from us. The same applies for the travel industry in which Digital Gadgets has taken them to a whole new space of opportunities & transformation. Today, we are going to discuss about the latest travel technology gadgets  & their impact on the world of traveling.

[1]. Smart Baggage:-

Smart Baggage is one of the most marvelous innovations to have taken place in last 5 years or so. Experts believe that, Smart Baggage one technology which is worth investing in the air transport industry because; it is taking us towards a new height which was never imagined before.

Basically, Smart Baggage is a way to track your luggage while traveling through the air from one destination to another. While you’re in transit, there is a chance of losing your luggage at the airport because; you have to travel through multiple airports and multiple airlines & in addition to that, there are millions of passengers at the airport. So you can imagine the level of difficulty one has to face.

Now, let’s look at how Smart Baggage makes your life easier in the travel industry. Smart Baggage is the latest luggage tracking system which is designed in such way that it tends to shut down when your luggage is on board and turns on when the flight has landed. So it eases the process of identifying your luggage at the airport.

According to the recent survey done by SITA, which is a Smart Baggage provider, baggage losing rate has fallen by 61% after installing this technology as well as the airline industry has been able to save US $ 15 billion due to this technology. This tells you how useful this technology can be.

So if we could integrate Smart Baggage in the airline industry, it will help us to provide better customer experience as well as save valuable money which can be utilized for improving the systems.

[2]. Drone:-

The drone is one of the most path breaking innovations to have taken place in last 5-7 years. It is regarded as the future of travel in 2024 by many technology experts around the world.

Basically, the drone is an unmanned aircraft. Technically, it is known as the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and you can say in normal language that it is a flying robot. This aircrafts can be controlled by remote or it can be can be programmed in an embedded system in junction with GPS & sensors.

The question is how Drones can make a difference in the travel industry ? Let’s understand it with an example. People tend to go on a tour & click the photos for their memories, for that they tend to carry the high-tech DSLR or SLR with them which can capture some amazing shots.

Now, What if I tell you that you can capture a bird’s eye view of the entire landscape with the help of Drone, sounds interesting.! Isn’t it? Oh! Yes, you can capture some lifetime memories with Drone that no other cameras or smartphone can too. Traveling can be a lot more adventurous and there is one good news for you that, as the technology of Drone is evolving the Drones will be available in a portable size which allows you easily carry it like a camera.

So if can include Drones into the travel industry, we can provide the customer with some breathtaking views of the landscape that they have never seen before in their life.

In addition to all the advantages, Drone has one major disadvantage as well. The major disadvantage of the Drone is that it’s very costly. So if you lose it during travelling, it will hurt you a lot in terms of money. Now you all will be thinking, is there a way to get out of this? The answer is, Yes.! Of Course.!

As they say :

“Every Problem Comes With a Solution.”

Same logic applies to this case as well. You can use the QTrace device in order to find your lost Drone or prevent it from getting lost. QTrace is a Bluetooth based item tracker which works on the principles of Location of Things (LOT) technology. Therefore, it can sense the accurate geographical location each & every time for you. So if you can stitch the QTrace device with your Drone, you can easily track the current location of it.

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