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How to optimize image on the search engine?

Now a days on the search engine millions of people visit on the daily basis, due to which the competition over there is increasing day by day. So now it's not only about the content which used to play a great role in ranking your website but also the images which are playing a great role to rank your website on the search engine.

Hey Everyone,

My name is Mayank deo and today I am gonna talk about how to optimize your image on the search engine.

Here are few tips which I will be giving you, which will help bloggers, article writers, online magazine publisher to rank on the search engine.

First tips:-

Finding the right image for your blog or article which will help the reader to understand your article in the better manner. You can go to Websites like flickr.com, shutterstock.com, unsplash.com to get the free and high qualities images.

Second tips:-

Once you find the right image for your site, article or blog you need to put the right file name like if you have the image of the automobile then the file name should be related to keywords not the img1234.... this type of name like img1234 doesn't allow the search engine to understand and show the right result.

Third tips:-

Pay very well attention to the alt tag before you upload any image on your site, i have seen many people they didn't concentrate much time on the alt tag before uploading on the web-site. So guys from the next time when you are uploading an image concentrate on alt tags, as it help the search engine to understand in the better way about your image.

Fourth tips:-

The size of the image should be less, why I am saying about this because high-quality images lead to decrease the loading speed of a website. which will lead to increase the chances of bounce rate.

To compress your images, you can use the platform like TinyPNG.com

Fifth tips:-

Which I would like to give is using the responsive images which are looking good in desktop as well as on the mobile phone. if the images are not that responsive on mobile but good at desktop than also it will lead to increase the bounce rate, its because 60-70% of the user is browsing now a days from mobile.

Watch the YouTube video on my channel "mayankdeo" to better understand on this topic.

Follow me on social media.

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2) LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/mayank-deo/

3) twitter - https://twitter.com/mayankdeo21

4) about.me. - https://about.me/mayankdeo

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