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10 travelling watches we adore

There are some more suited to travelling than others and then there are those more suited to travelling to the mountains then to the beaches.

Not all watches were created equal. There are some more suited to travelling than others and then there are those more suited to travelling to the mountains then to the beaches. It is actually a myth that all travellers’ watches must be complex and that all complicated watches can be worn ubiquitously. On the contrary, it’s sometimes considered wise to wear a versatile watch in terms of design and utility while leaving heavy functions such as tracing of time zones to your cell-phones.

So are these numerous technical add-ons any use at all? Of course, it all depends on what travel-centric watches mean to you and the functions they serve on the trip. We have compiled a list of watches that would work well on the plane, would go well with your business suit and would look stunning on dinner.

Rolex GMT Master II: An all time favourite with horologist, Rolex watches need no lengthy narratives. Its GMT Master II series is a gold standard in luxury sports watches. It checks all the right boxes- it is good looking, it is durable, and it captures the appeal of a classic sports watch. On a basic pedestal, it shows the local time as well as the time back home. The endurance levels are impressive too. Fashion-wise, there is hardly anything, you can’t wear these Rolex watches with Online retailers like Ethos Watch Boutiques may have something to offer if you are someone with an impeccable taste in watches.

Seiko Astron Chronograph: These are modern analog satellite watches that surpass all others in the smartwatch camp in terms of universal appeal and application.These satellite controlled electronic watches use photons to recharge. That means no more mourning over the dying battery! What more, you may ask? These connect themselves to satellites to update current time-zone and time. Hassles of relying on a host striked out too! The unique chronograph complex used in these watches allow them to time travel legs, coming handy to compute flight travel timing. Besides, SeikoAstron has a dressy appeal as the chronograph looks nothing like those in the nerdy gadget watches. Powered by GPS, these shine the most when farthest from civilisation.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean: What do you think of a luxury dive watch on a NATO strap? We are guessing you have dismissed the idea and are rolling your eyes at us. We don’t blame you. Rubber straps aren’t exactly very corporate. But this watch epitomises travel. You can wear it in tropical environs and you can obviously dive with it. To be taken off the beaten path is exactly what is designed for. Besides, its second time zone complication makes it even better for travel purposes.

Casio G-shock: It is a durable, all purpose, digital sports watch that no one should ignore. It should be worn strictly on casual and leisure events. It is indestructible. The tolerance levels are beyond impressive. They will stand a great deal of abuse without penalising your bank account. Utility wise, they have every function a traveller can dream of- a chronograph, a world timer, an alarm and what not. Any surprises why you find them on soldiers and adventurers?

BreitlingChronomat 44 GMT: Picky travellers and this high function sports watch are often seen together. Breitling Chronomat 44 includes a chronograph complication and a GMT hand for a second time-zone. It works well in the planes, in the meetings and also at dinners. At 44 mm width, it comes with a series of dials and straps. This is what we call a perfect traveller’s timepiece.

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Stories by Nidhi Mahajan