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Successful venture feeling:)

Taking HR to the next level

Regardless of whether or not you believe you will ride an emotional roller-coaster starting a business, hold on and scream, or wave hands in the air and have some fun. We had experienced both.

Wow………..in just 5 months, 20 prospects, 13 clients and serving them with smile, that’s a real pioneer feeling. A great adventure that changed our lives in many ways. From an employee to employer and to a successful venture…what we planned, delivered with passion…. Exciting and fascinating!!And icing on the cake when you see your clients turning from Stressed to Sensational and getting testimonials every week telling how much they love you and your work.

Our vision…continuous commitment to success of the business……and that's all we had in mind when we started.

Thanks to like-minded community, positive people, successful entrepreneurs, our team and mentors and our conscious decision to say BIG NO to non-entrepreneurs as they won’t always inspire you or understand you.Now we are at level 2 and all set to enable the discovery of disruptive solution for our HR community. Its cool, impactful and We’ll be right back to formally showcase our innovation, so watch out this space for more

About Human Racers

Human Racers is a management consulting firm, specialized into Strategic Human resource management.

Ajay and Sumit ( Founders)

here to bring revolution in HR

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About Human Racers Human Racers is a management consulting firm, specialized into Strategic HRM. Our Philosophy Provide Start-up’s to small and mid-sized company with straightforward, high impact, customized and long term people solutions. How does Human Racers work? Human Racers begins with an onsite Health check-up (HRx), where our experts gather information about your business, growth objectives, Leadership team vision and existing HR processes and documentation, if any. With the help of this intervention, we develop your HR program that optimizes your people and seamlessly integrates all HR activities. Benefits • Gain peace of mind by being free to focus on key strategic growth areas. • Boosting employee morale and Retention • Customized policies, processes and documentation by experts. • Right balance between Traditional and Strategic HRM • Use of Analytics and tools to give clear insight • Advise and Mentoring to existing HR’s How we do it? Onsite HR Health Check-up by experts Recommendation to CEO Pick the Priority – As your partner and co-employer, Human Racers assumes primary responsibility over critical human resources functions and benefit plans, allowing you to focus on your business with unparalleled freedom and insulation from risk. We have categorized offering into three plans; which is as follows:-