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Love, life, work and more

Love Life Work & Drama. Isn't this exactly what our lives constitute of?

India can lead the developing and emerging countries by setting up an example with a new social balance
India can lead the developing and emerging countries by setting up an example with a new social balance

Love Life Work & Drama.

Isn't this exactly what our lives constitute of? Every little aspect like work, passion, confusions, friendships, family issues, withholding pay hikes, sadness, lack of monetary sources, lack of degrees and even facing rejection because of body issues is included in these broader four words which decide how happy or unhappy, satisfied or dissatisfied we are with our life.

Especially after a break-up when the cynics come out of their usual romantic facade and declare that love only exists in books and movies, that it’s fiction, a trap laid out by writers and poets and the greeting card industries, fooling, misguiding the horde of people who don’t know any better. And there’s some truth to that. Love is sold to people in varying forms – couple’s deals on literary everything, a day reserved just to proclaim mush and celebrate love, booths in movie halls and what not. But it’s not unlike anything else that’s being sold to you. You have purchased notions far more dangerous than mushy pop cultured love – you purchased that all these exams were important and are in some way defining your career, you purchased idea that fitting into size 28 jeans was important, you purchased the idea that you need to contour your face, you purchased the idea that without an existing love life on Facebook- you're not even dating, you purchased the idea that MBA degree is gonna keep you professionally secure, you purchased the idea that if your professional life is good, your personal life will automatically improve, you purchased the idea that long distance relationship survive only because of letters and roses sent across.

A study conducted showed that 26 crore Indians suffer from some form of mental health issues and the painfully shocking ratio of 0.4 psychiatrists for every 100,000 patients in India is enough to point at the alarming situation. India has only 23% of the required number of psychiatrists, as per a recent report published by WHO.

This realisation has been explored as a business venture by new startups on the bloc like GrowthEX, YourDost, BetterHelp, etc

This particular genre of mental wellness has a market size of 11 billion USD globally. When we come to the Indian size of how big the market can potentially be, it would be important to know that 51% of corporate employees suffer from stress disorders, while 42% of the private sector employees suffer from severe depression.

While YourDost and BetterHelp seem to exploring the market's potential to thrive on mental wellness by having 100s of counsellors and psychiatrists onboard, GrowthEX has tapped into the potential of personal and professional growth,targeted as parallels, as they have psychologists, sexologists, counsellors, digital marketers, project management instructors, management gurus, media influencers and nutritionists, all at one single platform.

I visualize India moving towards a future where individuals with mental illness and depression witness a society that recognizes mental health on par with physical and professional health, and extends the same support and understanding. The taboo that is currently associated with not being mentally fit should be eradicated. Indian society, as a whole should work towards getting done with whispering about mental wellness and issues. 

Speak up! 

India can lead the developing and emerging countries by redefining the trend of a social balance where unbiased treatment is available to the ones looking to improve their mental wellness irrespective of their financial stature.

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Co-Founder and Head Strategic Marketing and PR at GrowthEX | Experience Into multiple areas viz Strategic Marketing, Public Relations, Advertisement, Script Writing, Video Direction, Event Management and Fostering Business Collaborations.

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