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When it comes to ASO ( App Store Optimisation ) , you will be facing people saying ASO is somewhat similar to SEO only , while some might be saying ASO is completely different . But the trust is ASO is similar to SEO , in-fact ASO is far more interesting than the general SEO .

The purpose of ASO is discovering of your app to relevant and loyal user who will install and love to use your app . Some of the steps for perfecting your app store optimisation are given below :

Keyword Analysis

One of the first thing which need to be consider is keywords research , on which category you want to deal in . Suppose you are a jewellery shop , and your keywords are related to clothing store, then it will be of no use . So keyword is what you need to focus on to get find on the app stores and appear on the top of the searches . Choosing a less battled keywords will attract less but genuine people to download your app from app store .

Description Of App

App should have unique and catchy description as that will be the very first thing that a first time user will see after installing the app in their phone .Overloading your content with keywords is on the other hand is terrible approach for ASO .


Even before downloading the app , people will screen the screen shot of the application . Weird screenshots of the app will hesitate user to download it . Screenshot are now more used as an advertising platform , and thus make the most out of it .

Video Trailer

In order to make your app more catchy , video trailer for introduction of functionality of your app is necessary .Your trailer should allow user to see not only wha your product does , but also how creative your app is .

Reviews & 5 Star Rating

When user visit the app page , they are always keen on knowing previous user experience and review and rating . So always make sure to highlight positive reviews and reply to negative reviews immediately .

App Name

The app name should be easily rememberable , catchy and must also include leading keywords as part of your title . We know at this point you are thinking of character limitation on Google Plat store , but choosing the right name for your app will be the most important decision you need to take .

So we hope above point may have guided you a lot for app development . For more tips and tricks of ASO , feel free to contact Winklix - where a highly qualified team of professionals are sitting to help you on all your needs .

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I am a developer at winklix.com , who is fastest growing IT industry , keen on delivering polished app and website only to their customer that too within time frame .

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