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The story never ends

The story is about journey, responsibilities, living dreams and CORPORATE

March 2004: I was 16 years old and was in 11th. One day I went to a computer institute with my MOM, where she was learning computers. The faculty there asked me to sit on MS-Powerpoint and do anything I wanted. I created a slide show in which A footballer was kicking the football and 20 sec animation with the available clip art. The faculty and rest all appreciated me a lot and told me that was amazing and I should choose some creative field and tried selling me some of the animation courses to enrol.

June 2004: Somehow I managed to take admission in Arena Multimedia, Patna. In next 2 months I got my  1st part time job in digital photo editing :-). However, I was not in a positing to afford the course further as also a very high configuration PC was required for further studies, which I was not able to afford.

December 2004: I dropped my arena multimedia studies and job both due to economical circumstances.

March 2005: I completed my 12th.

July 2005: My uncle suggested and helped me to complete my CCNA exam. It was opposite to my multimedia field and never wanted to do it. However, with no money or option I was left with no choice, so I completed the same .

December 2005: I came to New Delhi with just 3000 Rs.. The first job I got was on multimedia related to event related graphic designing, salary was 5000 per month (It was enough for a 12th pass to survive in Delhi at that time) :-D. However, they denied giving me the full salary after completion of 1 month :-(, and I left that job at that point of time. Just another day, with my CCNA skills I got selected in one of the well know BPO of Delhi  for US project in technical support profile, with a salary of 15 K (wow what a jump :-D).

Feb 2006: I thought with 3 months salary I have saved enough for my one year expense and left the job. However, I have forgot that I also have responsibilities towards my home and finally found after leaving the job that there was nothing left in my account :(. Somehow with great difficulties I managed in Delhi, The worst days of my life :-( :( . This period had created a sense of fear in me and became the unforgettable lesson.

July 2006: I finally got another job :-). Then I decided I will never leave a job without having another in my hand.

Life started going on smoothly and normal.

April 2007 - Feb 2011: I switched my job to two different organisations. Life in these years were smooth and  I got many friends and saw many good things. I have also completed my BCA during this period.

March 2011: I got selected as Information Security Consultant in one of the India's biggest MNC :-D ;-D :-D. Good salary, good life, done many certification, complete my PG etc. . Now, this was the time I wanted more and something extraordinary from life.

April 2012: I decided to start my  own business

People generally starts business when they are not happy with their job or bored. However, I though the time you are satisfied and in peace with your life then only you can start something successful.

2013 somewhere - I completed my own website, used adwords, got a toll free number and started my tech support. And you know what I did my first business transaction on my first day. Things were going good. I was now able to generate extra money apart from my salary. But life is not so easy :-| .

Then a situation came where I had to choose either my business or job. Also I was 25 years old and was having huge family responsibilities like Persona loan (consuming 35% of my salary) or some reasons etc. Business was going good however I was not very confident and feeling insecure and then the worst happened. I got another job offer :-| .

2014: This job offer ensured my insecurity and I decided to choose JOB. However, the job didnt went well and I  started regretting my decision and finally with my PF withdrawal money from my previous company, I got my own company registered. However this time things were not same as before and I had just opened the company for the sake of name with no business.

2015: I again joined another company worked there for an year.

2016: I got an ofer letter with 100% hike and changed my city and had a plan to save some money and one day I will do business.

September 2016: The project I was hired was never realised by the company and I am on a sort of bench now and more insecure :-( and again thinking that insecuity of business was big or the the current situation in which I am.

I remember the words, "The biggest risk is in not taking any risk" and hence proved.

I hope my story doesnt end here and in future I shall come with the biggest win and in next part of the story I will learn from my past deeds as they say 'its never too late'.

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