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Are you living away from home? or you are going to live in a hotel room and don't know which are the most important things that you should have with yourself? Here I will list down some of the best gadgets that can help while living in a hotel room and you can work easily from there as well.

1. Wifi Router

Most of the hotel room provide internet facility with an Ethernet cable. But their Ethernet cable is usually very short that you cannot move your device away from it. Also, you cannot connect your mobile phone, iPad or others Wi-Fi supported device with the internet as well.

So, while going away from home and living in a hotel room you should have a small Wi-Fi router so that you can easily connect all of your devices with the internet and enjoy freely.

If you cannot go with a Wi-Fi router then you can have an Ethernet switch as well. Here you can see the recommended list of best Ethernet switch from listsplash.com.

But with the network switch, you will only be able to increase the length of the cable and cannot connect your Wi-Fi devices with the internet. There are many cheap Wi-Fi routers available in the market which can make your life easier in a hotel room.

2. Extension Board

As hotel rooms have limited or few sockets which can be used to charge your devices or use electricity for whatever purposes. So don't forget to keep an extension board with yourself which will be really helpful for you while living in a hotel room.

3. Universal adapter

What if you have 3 or 4 devices which need charging? Obviously, you need to have 4 different chargers for all of your 4 devices which means an extra burden while leaving home.

The best way to get rid of these wires is to use a universal adapter which has more than one ports for charging. You can charge all of your devices by using one charger only which will reduce a lot of working as well I mean plug in one and plug out other chargers etc.

4. Power Bank

If you are in a hurry and going to attend a class or business meeting but your cell phone or laptop battery is running low then what will you do?. You don't have an answer if you don't have a power bank.

So power bank could be a very helpful in such situation because you can temporarily charge your devices and use them for long period of time.

5. Headphone

It doesn't matter if you are traveling or living in a hotel room, a headphone can make your life easier.

What if you want to sit on the balcony of your hotel room and want to have a chit chat with your bestie or you want to make an online Skype call but the area where you are living is very crowdy?. In such cases, a balanced and noise-canceling headphones can help you.

Also if you are a gamer and cannot live without playing your favorite game. Then you will have all the gaming peripherals with you even if you are going to live for 2 to 3 days on a business trip. So try to choose such gaming headsets which can not only help you in games but you can easily make calls or can watch movies as well.

"You can listen to music as well from gaming headsets but cannot play games with a simple headphone." Listsplash.com


These are some of the important peripherals that you should keep with yourself. Let us know if you have any other gadget which can be helpful while living in a hotel room.

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