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Keep Your Website Traffic Steady with These Ongoing SEO Checkup

SEO is an industry which requires constant changes in strategy to get the expected results and goals. Everyone who works in digital marketing field knows the importance of link building and other strategies because it is an ongoing process. But more often than not, we tend to neglect the on-page SEO aspects. So, if you do not check your website on a regular basis, there is higher possibility that they might go unnoticed and will negatively influence your organic rankings.

Keeping the importance of SEO in mind, here are three checks that you need to conduct on a regular basis to ensure that your on-page SEO is on target.

1. Check Broken Links

Broken links are two type internal and external broken links. And broken links can potentially put a harmful effect on your rankings in search results. You can check your broken links in your webmaster account and get the complete list as well. There may be different reasons for broken links existence. Most of the time, a web page or resource that you linked to no longer exists, can create a broken link in your profile. So it is very critical to check for broken links on a timely basis. There are various paid software and free tools to check broken links; you can check their features and select the one as per your requirements.

2. Check Robots.txt

Robots file is used to avoid crawling of those pages which you do not want to be crawled & appear for indexing in Google database. Though it is a merely a text file it can put adverse effect if do not use in a proper way with correct syntax. Accidently you might put some important information like contact us, or services page in robots file, so checking the robots file is very useful on a regular basis.

To check if you have accidently blocked some relevant pages in the robots.txt page, you need to check it in your Google Webmaster account. After login, just go to Google Index and navigate to block Resources. You can easily see the content & resources there if they are in robots.txt and blocked from indexing. For confirmation, you can go to robots.txt tester under the crawl tab here you can live previews your robots file. At the bottom, there is an option for the test. You need to enter the resource URL and click on test button. If the resource is not blocked, you will get the green bar. If it is red, then check the URLs which are highlighted in red.

3. Check the HTML Issues

To make sure that HTML tags are working correctly, you should test the HTML source. It is the best way to ensure that all of your Metadata is being added to the right pages along with the proper tags. By checking the HTML code, you can check for errors that need to be fixed. Google webmaster also has an option to check your site health status. At the top, under search appearance, there is a tab named, HTML improvements, where all the issues related to HTML can be tracked.

If Google is not giving any suggestion for improvement, it means that your HTML structure is fine and no need for improvement. But Google detects any content issues with the site; they will give suggestions as per their guideline. Their bots check potential issues with content on web pages, which may include duplicate and missing title tags or Meta descriptions. As Meta tags played an important role in search engine rankings and CTR.

These are some critical on-page SEO checks that should be done regularly. Conducting these tests on a regular basis will ensure that your website is updated and you will enjoy steady ranks and traffic .

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Holly Chavez is a freelance writer, journalist and entrepreneur. She enjoys sharing articles about technology, lifestyles and entertainment with her readers.

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