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Empowering India through Next Generation Business Solutions - Ecommerce For All

The Basic Idea is to make available "Ecommerce For all"; for those who wanted but cannot get into main stream of Economy because of lack of financial aid.

The Government of India is taking much focussed activity to bring Empowerment from the Grass roots since the time of Independence and towards this a new system of decentralisation was bought in through the form of Panchayati Raj System. Though Decentralisation in Civil Administration happened much earlier, still the people of India, especially the Youths find it hard to join the main stream of Economy and contribute towards the growth of GDP of the nation, which has been now potentially a major barrier and a drag towards active participation / focussing of Youth or active workforce in the participation of PRI system. Fresh minds needs fresh fusion of energy and in todays world, money is one such energy for every one to sail each day. Towards this, Digital India and Stand Up India Initiatives are launched by Indian Government for bringing Financial Inclusion in this country

As a Part of Digital India and Stand Up India Initiatives, the Government of India has recently launched a programme E-Haat, an online Platform for women to display their products. This initiative is for meeting the aspirations and needs of women entrepreneurs to reach out their products to the vast majority of Population of this country which otherwise would have been impossible for them.

On the lines of Mahila E-Haat, Webnexs.com – a Chennai Based Technology Startup has been delivering free ecommerce portals with payu payment gateway integration to all Self Help Groups, NGOs who has been otherwise facing backwardness to market their Product. This can help them to get paid online and reach customers easy. The idea behind this drive is to make Indian Youths, SHG self reliant and Empower them with Finances. Apart from this, they also offer free consultation on how to successfully promote a business online through email/ support platforms.

For others who wish to start their Ecommerce Business, webnexs has plans starting from 1200 INR/ Month to 49,000 INR (one time) together coupled with lot other freebies which are potentially important in driving a startup toward success journey. As said by a colleague of webnexs, the activity carried on to grab market with-in the period of first 6 months in any startup is vitally important for success. Also they believe in "starting lean, grow rich" in features which many fail to focus while considering to enter into the main stream of Startup Cult.

The way webnexs looks the space of ecommerce will make a paradigm shift on the modality of how it is seen hitherto and the vision of the Government will start blooming up and as well the vision of our Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam will be intact and achievable.

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