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Consultant Talks: How to choose the right country for overseas MBBS degree | Choice Overseas

Choice Overseas Education provides the best Study abroad consultants Mumbai who provides to prospective students who are interested for learning foreign MBBS education in China, Philippines, Russia

MBBS is one of most prestigious and sought after education courses for youngsters around the world. And it derives it’s abbreviation from Latin language which stands for Medicinae Baccalaureus, Baccalaureus Chirurgiae i.e. Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery in English. The criticality of this famed job and related social importance of medical professionals has made it one of the most sought after degrees around the world. And considering how difficult it is to secure a MBBS seat in India, it becomes all the more sensible to pursue the degree abroad. This is the primary reason why many Asian and Baltic nations have become preferred destinations for Indian students. However it is very important to find the right destination country for the course. There are plethora of countries which welcome international students with open arms but not all have the degrees which are recognized or accepted by government of India. So let’s understand some of the factors which are very important while shortlisting a country to pursue medical education.

Firstly, one needs to check whether college or university of that country is accepted by Medical Council of India (MCI) or not. MCI has approved medical colleges from many countries like Russia, Poland, Philippines, USA, Kyrgyzstan, China, Ukraine etc. This is one of the most fundamental factors which need to be considered. Upon successful completion of degrees from these countries, MCI conducts a test for the graduates and having cleared the test, they can start practicing in India. It’s important to note that degree holders from non recognized colleges will not be allowed to practice in India. Secondly, quality of education and infrastructure should also be approved by other international bodies like WHO, IMED, European Union etc. This works like additional filter while selecting the country as well as college and ensures that student won’t face difficulty in securing employment after the degree. Thirdly, popular education or lifestyle destinations aren’t always the best choice for MBBS degree. For example, generally US , UK or Germany are great options for pursuing higher education abroad but they aren’t the smartest choices when it comes to pursuing MBBS. Because they have very stringent criterion for international students and they cost many many times more than any other Asian country. Average cost of doing a medical degree in these countries can be anywhere between 5 to 10 crores, which is a lot of money and recovering that would also be extremely difficult. And last factor to be considered would be about course curriculum and technological infrastructure provided by the country. Quality of healthcare in a country is an ideal indicator of corresponding medical education system too. This factor will be extremely helpful in identifying the right country and college to pursue the medical degree.