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Circus: Finding my inspiration

Life is not about finding yourself. There is no room in your life to try to look for something that is not there. Life experiences do not shape you.

Life is not about finding yourself. There is no room in your life to try to look for something that is not there. Life experiences do not shape you. In fact, they only give you the resources you need to do the one act that everyone goes through creating yourself. This can be seen through my life’s inspiration - my sister.

I did not set out for my sister to be my inspiration. In fact, I did not believe my mother when she said she was pregnant. At twelve years old, my life would take a steep turn down an unknown path. When I first saw her, I thought she was the most fragile creature that the Earth had ever made. Rianne was so tiny, and her body was consumed in the pink flesh. She was looking at the world as if it had made a mistake in bringing her out into its darkness - for what soul this pure belongs in a place full of hatred and sorrow?

As I stared into her dark brown eyes, I felt as though I wanted to create myself into someone better - someone who is deserving of such an innocent soul. Rianne became my sole inspiration in life. As she grew, as did I. When she started to learn how to walk, it was as if my new purpose was to catch her if she fell - which she often did. Whenever I came home angry or upset, a few minutes alone with my sister would calm my nerves. This, I believe, is because even though Rianne never knew why I was upset, she still made sure to give me her undivided attention, even as a toddler.

This action of hers made me evaluate the human race. A two-year-old is unable to judge an individual for their actions because the two-year-old believes that the other person’s actions are not related to theirs. With this frame of mind, humans can take a turn for the better. For if people would mind their own business, then quite a few wars could be avoided and disputes would never arise.

Of course, all of this is relative. Not everyone can be as lucky as a toddler - and yet they are all thankful that they are past the stage of teething. Rianne made me see past my selfishness, and see the good within everyone’s hearts. She inspires me to be the best person I can be every single day. If I see a person struggling with their demons, I try to look at the situation through Rianne’s perspective. What would she do if she saw a tatter-clothed man pushing around a shopping cart? Or a disabled woman asking for food on the sidewalk?

Her action would always remain the same - show kindness. Whether that be buying a nice shirt for the man or giving fruit and clean water to the woman, she would try to help them. Even as a four-year-old, my sister knows that receiving a smile feels better than giving one. Many ask me why I am so inspired by my four-year-old sister - why I adore her as much as I do. They would know the answer to that question if they spend a single day with her so that they would begin to understand that her character consists of righteous gold.


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