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"How dreams are achieved when you only have determination  in your pockets and smile on your face"

Journey of a man who successfully set of up an empire of 100 crore from nothing...

A dream doesn’t become reality by magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

One needs to have a right attitude, creativity and courage to withstand the rough waves too”.

How it started :

Headquarters based in Delhi, EBazar.Ninja is an ecommerce that gratifies the needs of the customers with the stamp of quality and service.

This is a success story of young man from Delhi who had a dream to become an entrepreneur, he started with nothing in his pockets and now has brand E Bazar.Ninja which is sky rocketing and worth 100 crore empire and in coming years aiming at the colossal amount of 200 crores.

But from where he started is the real reason of getting inspired. Ankit started working at the age of 15 when other dream of playing cricket and having holidaying in friend’s place. He already sensed his responsibility.

With initial salary of mere 3k , he worked and worked hard. It sounds like a magical fable so get more insides into the life of Mr. Ankit Jain, CEO EBazar.Ninja and how he established it as a brand name.

Profits from Day 1:

EBazar. Ninja, a dream of Mr. Ankit Jain was turned into reality by his sheer dedication and hard work. It is a fastest growing e – commerce companies in India.It were an uphill task but with his team he strived to achieve a milestone and succeeded. In just year’s time the company went multi fold .With heavily funded e commerce companies have failed to cover their losses, E Bazar.Ninja on the other front is (non funded)was break even from the day one and now standing at the whooping 100 crores worth. The core values on which EBazar.Ninja as a brand stands in is Innovation, Commitment, Agility and Openness for change.

EBazar. Ninja was founded in the 2015 with an initial team of four young professionals who were determined to make a mark in the e –commerce industry. It was a self funded venture with only commitment in pockets as funding, and zeal to make EBazar.Ninja as a brand name. It was initiated with 100 products and now it houses more than 70,000 products with an average monthly dispatch of more 40,000-50,000 orders. EBazar.Ninja facilitates more than 1000 plus employees who industriously work towards the common goal to make E Bazar.Ninja as a renowned brand name. On the contradictory, E Bazar.Ninja is a self funded and accomplishing the prerequisite targets. The profits were 100% in the starting months only and the rest as they say is history.

What challenges I faced: 

Mr. Ankit Jain, CEO, E Bazar.Ninja discusses his initial challenges he faced during the starting his venture. He says “We were self funded only with an idea to build EBazar as a brand name but then with the strategic planning has to be done, it was mammoth task and we were also self-funded. It was summer of 2015, when the decision of starting the venture comes in my mind. Then I thought how I will do it as it can go both ways can be negative or be positive. But negativity didn’t pushed me little to achieve what I have achieved today”.

It took a year’s time for EBazar.Ninja which started in an apartment in Ram Vihar to become a successful brand name in the e commerce world. Currently, the main motto of Mr. Ankit Jain to deliver quality products to his costumers, on time and he also states that the customer assistance after the product is being sold is extremely important. One more component that contributes for a successful e-commerce venture is to build a website which consumer friendly and easy to load and optimize. These all factors contribute for the successful initialization of e-commerce business.

Future :

EBazar.Ninja started with 100 products with focus on power banks which is need of the hour in the technological world. After noteworthy performance by its key product now EBazar.Ninja had expanded its foray into varied new products. It further wants to increase the expansion plans and wants to rope in local artisans from various parts of the India and give them an e-commerce platform which is directly profitable to them. It also wants to expand globally where it can create niche for its products and for its people.

Mr. Ankit feels that “India’s heart lies in its villages and the main locus should be to enhance the radius of the local artisans and there is no better way than to give them an already established e commerce marketplace i.e. EBazar. Ninja. Furthermore, he says the company is all about trust and honestly and the brand cannot be forced, it has to be word of mouth spread organically that why we are able to reach 55 lac visitors till now PAN India which is almost .5 % of the India’s Internet population.

E Bazar.Ninja,established itself as a brand name in just a one year where other e-commerce portals strive to achieve break even. It was due consistency and no longing back approach.

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