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A Digital Entrepreneurial Journey 

Founder Of Appriffy <First Indian Digital IT Hub>

Muzafar Hussain
Muzafar Hussain

This is Muzafar Hussain from Berhampur, Odisha. Berhampur is a small town in Odisha. I have done my schooling from Bidya Bhavan (I.C.S.E) and Intermediate from City College which is affiliated under state Board. After my 12TH Board, I went to Hyderabad and joined in a cricket academy for a period of four months during my vacations. While Playing Cricket I did a part-time job in a startup. From there I am able to manage some funds for my stay in Hyderabad as it is totally new to me. Met with unknown people and made some good friends over there. As a small town boy with no city experience and no backup over there found difficult to stay further. 

After a couple of months, I  had a conversation with my father that I want to open a company in Hyderabad.He suggested to me that you're very young to do any business, gets some good experience and collect some funds from your end and then start a business, as my father is a supportive kind of person. At that time my age is around 17+. Day by day went and discuss with few people regarding my ideas, they too asked their parents. I met with their parents and had a discussion with them.Things didn't work out. After few days my intermediate results came out. Daily pressure from parents for further higher studies.  But I never lose out hope for my entrepreneurial journey.  Myself and my friends tried a lot to get admission in engineering in Hyderabad colleges. But I failed to do it due to my financial conditions. 

So went to my hometown and discussed with my father. I said him one thing that I want to explore my life in Entrepreneurship.  After that B.tech admission time came soon,  I suggested that reading in Odisha is quite expensive as fees for admission is very high.So Visakhapatnam will be good to study as studies in Visakhapatnam is cheaper and affordable and I can stay in a good environment. Rs 30,000 needed at that time to take admission in B.tech. At that moment father doesn't have that much amount to pay my college admission fees.So he asked my relatives and his friends. He became hopeless as no one is coming front to give Rs 30,000.Days went on like that.I said my father not to worry, I will work somewhere and collect my admission amount meanwhile I can try for some competitive exams, maybe my hard work will work out.

But things didn't work out as per plan. Finally, the father put some jewellery to collect my admission amount. After that, I joined my college and did hard work and successfully graduated in B.Tech in Electronics and Communication  Engineering. During my studies, I again planned for my startup, discussed with my college mates. Maximum of them had denied to my proposal. Few of them I made agreed to join with me for my startup journey.

 During that time, Andhra Pradesh government had inaugurated  Startup Village, It's an incubator program where they give an opportunity to help us to form a startup. After a lot of struggle, my startup name <Galaxy Infosoft> got selected and placed inside that startup village which is an IT park Of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.Started with few friends, stayed in that incubation for more than a year. As per the plan, things didn't work out.After that everything went on dark for me for a couple of months. I was unable to think anything. I went home and sat silent for a couple of months, during my stay at home I can saw my pain and tension of my father for my career. One day I sat silent and told my father that I want to go to Bangalore and can look a job over there. I came to Bangalore and within 14 days and very luckily I got a job in CSS CORP as an Assistant System Engineer.

StartUp Village , Incubator, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
StartUp Village , Incubator, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

 During my job time, I again planned for my startup, start researching regarding market, made a plan, met with several higher executives, took their suggestions and mentorship as I didn't have that much amount to start something very big. So I made my plan based on my salary.I started Appriffy which is an Indian Digital IT Hub, started working with few small projects. I saw plan is working. During my college time, I met Mr Shakir Ali <www.shakirali.in> Ex- MD and CEO of e-merchant digital Pvt Ltd. I contacted him and discuss my plan which I was planning from past six months. Things moved on for a couple of months like that. I started finding co-founders for my startup.Luckily I got in very less span of time. A small team I have formed and running smoothly now. 

I too clicked few investors but don't want as of now. We believe in start small and grow more. When time will come everything will fall in place. A lot of up and downs came in life, sometimes eating one time a day, sometimes without food based on the availability of money at that time as I need to spend money on many other areas.So need to save at any cost as I knew it very well that I will not get money from my home now. I left that job as I am unable to focus more on my startup. Some people criticize me to left the job but never mind, I saw a dream need to accomplish it at any cost. 

Started working for Appriffy for full-time, till now I didn't tell my parents that I left my job and moving with my startup. I saved some amount which I have earned through my job. As coming from a Muslim family background, it's very tough to grow up with complete education but I saw a dream of a big company. 

Let's See How Appriffy Works
Let's See How Appriffy Works

I learned one thing from my life that hard work never fails, it always repays you. So don't stop doing hard work.Failed as early as possible so that it will teach you the real value of life and its meaning. Now I am not at all afraid of failing as it makes me much more stronger than last time. So need to focus on whatever we are doing and believe in yourself will definitely lead anyone of us to a path of success.

Reach Appriffy At www.appriffy.com (Let's Connect And Grow Digitally).


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A Digital Entrepreneur. Completed B.tech in E.C.E in the year 2015 from Visakha Institute Of Engineering and Technology, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

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