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An innovative but unnoticed startup...

Hi guys,

I am Vaibhav, one of the founder members of PaintMyGift. Today I am gonna share with you my experience in this startup world. Before I could start just let me give my small intro.

I am a 2012 Graduate in BE in Electrical field. After doing a 10-8 job in some local company in Aurangabad for 6 months, I left that job and came to Pune for CAT preparation. Meanwhile, I have also joined a software course and after completion also got a job again, this time in a MNC located at Noida with a good salary. But again this good salary and big company didn't charmed me and I left that job too and came back to Pune with a dream of building my own company, but without having any idea of what to do.

I just came back leaving all the things and nothing in my mind. I was blank. Incidently, one of my best college friend was about to marry and me and my group were thinking about what kind of gift we could present her which will look different and big at the same time. So, after checking out many possibilities, finally we came on a decision to gift a beautiful couple portrait of newly marrying couple. The gift was final, but the most important task was to search an artist. It took us nearly about a month to find a good and budget artist. And it was the moment when PaintMyGift hit my head.

"www.paintmygift.com" an e-commerce platform where you will find a bunch of artists for all your needs to get it crafted on a canvas . The idea was to provide all kinds of customized on-demand paintings, wall paintings, digital paintings, fabric paintings, sculptures, murals, etc....

You need not go out to search for an artist, you can find variety of artists on your finger tips, some of them from your own locality, some from anywhere in the country. You can also see the artist's work on website so as to decide on yourself with whom you want to go. Also, we were providing a door delivery option, because if in any case you liked an artist who is out of the city or state, you don't need to worry about carrying the product all the way from artist's address to your home. We made it easier for you to get it delivered to your doorsteps.

It was so easy that you can actually sit at your home, call us or send us an inquiry through our website. We will call you and discuss your requirement, if you have any picture you can send it to us and get it painted on canvas and delivered to your door steps.

Though the concept looks very nice, the response we got was worse. And the reason behind it was lack of money, team, team management, work distribution, promotion, and much more.

Eventually, now I am jobless but will continue to give my best and start my venture again with much stronger team, management, finance. We have collection of many extraordinary talent throughout the country in the field of Art. We earned many bad but valuable experiences in this journey.  But one thing for sure, you need to start first. Failure or success doesn't matter, what matters the most is experience which you earn. I love to watch one of India's youngest entrepreneur Sandeep Maheshwari's videos and he says "Success comes from experiences, and experience comes from bad experiences" "keep going forward, and if in any case people will tell you 'are you nuts? you are going wrong', just understand you followed the right path" because "everything is easy, you just need to do it".

According to me "what is business?" "Business is risk. A risk of your life, a risk of your future, a risk of your relations, but trust me if you take this risk, one day you will definitely reach the skies".  Nothing is permanent, so if you are getting failures now one day it will end and success will come to you.

If anyone interested to join me in PaintMyGift or other ventures you can reach me at armalvaibhav@gmail.com

Have a good day and best luck to all.


Vaibhav :-)

A collection of work from some of our artist's...
A collection of work from some of our artist's...
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