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"Quit Talking and Begin Doing", inspired Saloni Kukreja to turn her passion and love for food into a reality 

Saloni is a 20 year old, business major student and has taken the food enthusiasts on Instagram and other social media by storm through her culinary adventures in Mumbai, posting the oh-so-tempting pictures of lip smacking dishes and exploring newer eateries in the city

Singapore led to the birth of FoM

Being a Sindhi, Saloni was brought up in surroundings where food taste and quality were very important. I am sure we all can relate to this as a lot of families have great culinary heritage, unique recipe and extremely skilled grandmas who can whip up a tasty dish with the most simple ingredients.

‘I have been a food fanatic since the beginning, I love baking and EVERYTHING about desserts.’ says Saloni. ‘As I had decided to go to college in Singapore, I was very excited about all the culinary adventures I was going to have in 3 years. My phone was glutted with all the pictures and notes about places where I had to eat’ remarks Saloni. But her plans did not work out and she had to come back to Mumbai for college. ‘Ironically, I started my Instagram page of ‘Food of Mumbai’ in Singapore and decided to create a food blog about our own city Mumbai and its range of delicious offerings, just like any other big city of the world.’ says Saloni.

Red Velvet Waffle- One of Saloni's Favourites
Red Velvet Waffle- One of Saloni's Favourites

Click, Share and Viola!

Saloni zeroes on 3-4 new places each week and visits them to try their food and posts the pictures of the best dishes there. She features her views on the place, food and also details like price etc. She started with Instagram, but now she has successfully expanded ‘Food of Mumbai’ to Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Wordpress. She does the photography on her iPhone camera and says that food just looks glorious always- be it a phone camera or a professional one!!!

Her blog has a plethora of cuisines, restaurants and street hawkers presence which makes it attractive for a large audience of gastronomes as everyone can find a place/dish of their own taste and budget on the blog.

Food of Mumbai features the best of Molecular Gastronomy
Food of Mumbai features the best of Molecular Gastronomy

Passion Project to a Business Model on the way

As her blogging continued, Saloni was approached by people to promote their restaurants and food products on ‘Food of Mumbai’. To give it a business aspect, she started developing a business model, which would retain her passion for food and also benefit her followers. ‘Food of Mumbai’ is always bustling with new activities apart from food posts. ‘We have giveaways for followers, information about cool food events in Mumbai and fun contests. I also tie up and promote brands that I love and want people to know more about.’ adds Saloni.

Saloni Kukreja- Founder, Food of Mumbai
Saloni Kukreja- Founder, Food of Mumbai

Yummy Future ahead- Food and Entrepreneurship

Along with taking ‘Food of Mumbai’ to newer heights, Saloni has also undertaken social entrepreneurship projects under the organisation Enactus. After acquiring work experience, she wants to pursue a post graduation course in entrepreneurship. Moreover, overwhelmed with the response to her blog, she is planning to soon launch a full fledged ‘Food of Mumbai’ website, to enhance engagement with followers and widen their reach of audiences.

As a student entrepreneur, Saloni feels that this has been a great learning experience for her as she never learnt marketing, networking and interacting with people in her education, that she did in 2 years of ‘Food of Mumbai’.

‘All entrepreneurs inspire each other- to be better, to grow and strive to offer the best to the society.’ believes Saloni.

Her blog ‘Food of Mumbai’ is definitely THE place to check out if you want to explore gastronomical delights like K Rustoms' wafer ice craem, Bachelor’s yummy shakes, Mamagoto’s Khow Suey and many more delicious dishes, with their unique history and background, that Mumbai houses.



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