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Hire eCommerce Experts to Work with these Technical Tools

The eCommerce market is flourishing and as a consequence, companies are very serious about taking their retail business online. Here is how one can get started with the online shop by hiring an eCommerce developer and get started to take the business high. 

ECommerce has been trending and surely took over a large portion of retail sales. And today, there is no surprise to the fact that businesses are inclining towards online operations. Also, what contributes more to this trend is anyone can start off with a small budget and build a reliable platform.

However, to build, or rather it should be said that to develop this kind of platform online, one needs to have thorough know-how of all technical aspects involved. Yes, the guess is right here, there is need to hire eCommerce experts who can develop and manage the platform with ease. Managing this business online requires strategy, creativity, and a lot of technicality. So, here are some technical tools that are used to build the eCommerce platform and to manage it. Let’s have a look.

a) Magento

Magento is an open source software that enable the users to make changes in the original code and develop a customized version the chosen eCommerce theme. New features, functionality can be added to the existing one through extensions and PHP coding.

Some of the worth noticing features include an admin panel, installation wizard, product catalog toolkit, sales report, SSL for security, and a lot more. It is easy for the developers to manage the accounts, discounts, clients, orders, currencies, wish lists etc. so that the entire shopping experience is simple for the seller and buyer. Also, because this technology is quite popular and flexible, it is easy to find eCommerce experts working on this platform.

b) Spree Commerce

Next on line is the Spree Commerce which is again an open source platform, built on Ruby on Rails. An interesting part of this platform is it enables handling the sales through multiple storefronts, which are both online and offline. There is an opportunity to customize the existing functionality, with an ultimate support to more than 50 payment gateways, custom tax logic, and Google Analytics.

c) OpenCart

Again, an open source platform to build an online shopping mall. This one is considered as user and search friendly. With around 20 payment gateways and 8 shipping methods, this simple to add, template supportive platform is what a lot of people across the globe are using. It had built in order management system, free support and updates.

d) PrestaShop

This on also has its source code available and has it all that is needed to get started with an online store. This offers the facility to create new sales channels and keep the products on third party like Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay etc. This eventually helps to expand the promotion level, the much needed concept in the eCommerce world.

e) TomatoCart

This is an extension to the osCommerce and is based on Code igniter. With this open source eCommerce platform builder, the developers can do customization, add or override the existing features, and all this without touching the original code. Upgrading TomatoCart is easy and there is an all-inclusive catalog with simplified user and product management, multiple payment gateways, SEO tools, email system etc. Companies generally hire eCommerce experts to work with this technology.

Selected eCommerce Platform? Now Start Hiring!

Hiring an expert who can develop an online shop is a difficult job. Thanks to the online job platforms that has made it easy to find the best of talents locally or across the seas. These freelancing websites are acting as a matchmaker between the skill buyers and sellers and are suited best for tech profiles like development.

Hiring a developer for eCommerce website is also a task that is simplified by freelancing websites like Ruprr. Because these eCommerce platforms are built on different technologies, finding a developer who can justify the requirement can be done through them. So, select the technology and start hiring. It’s no rocket science anymore with these freelancing marketplaces. 

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Gaurav Roy, is a senior creative content writer, who holds an extensive knowledge on different verticals of digital marketing. He is an observer of the changing trends of the digital industry and writes extensively on the same. During his free time, Roy loves to pen down short stories and converts them into short films. He is also an avid traveler, a foodie and a true bong at heart.

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