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I remember that day distinctly when I received my first marketing job in Bangalore and called my family in Bellary to share my excitement. At the end of the call, I asked my brother to parcel the two wheeler, standing idle at one corner of our home, which I needed for this job. I was expecting it to reach Bangalore in two days and eagerly waited for it to arrive as my job depended on it. However, it was only after five days when it could reach the Bangalore Railway station, and by this time, I had already spent the first five days in my new job without my vehicle.

What was more painful was to ask for a one day leave within the first few days of joining so that I could go and collect the vehicle from railway station and I wondered if there ever would be a service which could take away all such hassles from me. Railway parcel is the most economical way to parcel a vehicle, however, it is also the most tedious and time consuming affair and leaves most people with no choice.

I recently met Naveen C T in an event where he shared about GoodDrop. GoodDrop is a specialized home pick up service, which helps users to parcel their bike through railways minus the inconvenience.

Naveen’s father has worked in Railways and was frequently consulted by family and friends for Bike shipping. Naveen saw a real pain point and an opportunity to help people. GoodDrop is his brain child to provide a solution to this problem.

In the year 2015, Naveen cofounded GoodDrop with his friends Akshata Akkanna and Simerpreet. Naveen is armed with strategic marketing skills, execution and operations, Akshata manages the technical front and Simer takes care of expansion and product innovations. All of the co-founders are engineers and have pursued Masters degrees.

According to Naveen, GoodDrop’s strength lies in its people who bring abundant ideas and energy, don’t lose the customer focus and have a consumer service attitude.

Currently GoodDrop has its operations in Bangalore and they have been successfully shipping bikes through railways to other cities from Bangalore. GoodDrop provides pickup service and is planning to add last mile drop in its set of services. They were successfully able to deliver 65 bikes till now and are targeting to ship 550 two wheelers by the end of 2017. Team have plans to expand their operations across metros and later spreading to smaller cities across India.

GoodDrop has a unique service offering and has pioneered this model in this market. More than 25000 bikes were shipped in and out of Bangalore in last year and the opportunity in this relatively untouched market is huge.

If you are looking to ship your vehicle to a different city or planning a trip to Himalayas, you can go to www.gooddrop.in and book the service by providing minimal information in 5 clicks.

GoodDrop’s executives will pick up the two wheeler from your house, pack it as specified by Railways, take care of the documentation and courier the specifics to the provided address. It is really simple and convenient with additional support through variety of payment options and tracking alerts.

This story makes me think that one has to believe in ones’ ideas, keep looking and every single problem can become an opportunity. if it is complemented with passion, every opportunity becomes a success story. With Passionate and budding entrepreneurs like Naveen, Akshata and Simer, investing their minds and energies together, there is another success story from GoodDROP in the making.

Website Link – www.gooddrop.in                                                                                                                                       For Tele-orders - +91 9742834253

Ship your bike in three simple steps !
Ship your bike in three simple steps !
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