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Monitoring your brand’s social media team & performance

This article is about what steps you can take to improve your Brand's Social Media Performance 

Whether you are a Start-up or a Corporate, no one can undermine the importance of Branding through Social Media in today’s time. While Facebook “Pages” might be easy to setup & free of cost, to handle one effectively & get results is just the opposite.

While the quality of Content is always important, there are many other factors that determine the performance of your brand on Social Media like Frequency of posts, Types of posts, Distribution etc.

In this blog, I want to share with you how we can better Monitor our Social Media Team for better efficiency & performance of our brand's Social Media Pages.

We have developed our own check sheet for doing this. Let me share with you how it works.

Image from Insights LLC 
Image from Insights LLC 

While it looks a bit complex, don’t worry, it’s quite simple to fill.

1. Number of Posts-

This is one of the single most important factors in determining the success of the page. At Daily Suvichar, we do 12-15 posts a day. The reason behind this is very simple and logical. Facebook’s algorithm allows only 5-7% Reach for a Page like ours with 480K Followers. That means Organically, Facebook will allow only 25,000 followers to see it. A high number of posts means we can Reach out to different 5% Followers with the help of different posts.

2. Post Type-

On Facebook & other Social Media platforms, we can have a wide variety of posts like Videos, Photos, Multiple Photos, Live Video, Blogs etc. Different Posts have a different impact on users. Blogs are often long and most of the people don’t enjoy reading them. Whereas the majority of people love watching Videos. It is important to offer content in different forms to cater to different reading habits of the followers.

3. New Post v/s Re-sharing an Old Post-

We share old posts on our Page only in a situation where we aren’t able to create the desired number of Old posts. The reason we monitor this on our Sheet is that very often we find this option being misused internally! 15 Posts a day Multiplied by 7= 105 posts a week is quite a lot to remember how many were “Re-shared”. Best to keep a strong check.

4. Topic-

We are in the Spiritual Content Space and have a wide variety of Topics we create content about. It is highly possible that all the topics you deal with will not have equal traction. It is very important to stick to the decided percentage of posts for each topic at a strategic level irrespective of the low traction that it might get in the initial days. For example, we are aware that motivation is the most sought-after topic with our followers and Astrology least. While we have a higher focus on content around Motivation, we make sure to create at least 2-3 posts on Astrology also. You must carefully study traction on different topics having given the topic a fair chance before deciding to eliminate it.

5. Click, Like, Comment & Share Bait-

For a post to go Viral, there has to be a Share Bait. The creator of the content needs to ask themselves “Why do I think people will Share this post?”, “Do you think people will share this post?”. They should either write a Yes or a No in the box. I promise you when the person writes No in that box, he will make a lot more effort to brainstorm about a right Share Bait. While all the posts can’t have a Share Bait, they must have at-least one of the “Click Bait”, “Like Bait”, “Comment Bait” or “Share Bait”. If you just created a post and can’t think of any of the four, delete the post. Don’t post it.

6. Shop/App/Website Link-

Facebook is important surely. But we don’t want to ignore our other products. Make sure you use the “Tag Product” feature on Facebook for Selling. If you don’t have a product, you can put your Website Link or App link instead of the product. The advantage of doing this is that people will have a chance to know that you have a website or another product and if it interests them, they can check it out.

7. WhatsApp/YouTube/Instagram/Twitter-

For Daily Suvichar it is important to focus on these platforms. For you, it may be different. It will often happen due to the work load that you will slowly stop being active on certain platforms due to the availability of time. Marking on this sheet will act as a constant reminder to make efforts for other accounts which can play a vital role too.

8. Performance Results-

Make sure you revisit all these posts after a week of posting them to analyze the reach & engagement of your efforts. The big number like “This month’s reach” is not enough for you to take decisions to improve the Reach of the page. You have to get into the Micro analysis of the Page to analyze the results to help you and your team re-strategize based on what’s working for you.

To win the Social Media game, it is important to be consistent.

It took Daily Suvichar 10 months to reach 480,000 Followers & a post reach of 450Million+ on Facebook (Organically).

That is approximately 4000 posts!

It isn’t easy, but I promise you it is worth it.

This is a YourStory community post, written by one of our readers.The images and content in this post belong to their respective owners. If you feel that any content posted here is a violation of your copyright, please write to us at mystory@yourstory.com and we will take it down. There has been no commercial exchange by YourStory for the publication of this article.
I am an Entrepreneur at heart & love working on new ideas & concepts that are Innovative & Scalable in nature. I am looking to- 1) Connect & Interact with people having a Tech background to build a relationship with the eventual possibility of working together. 2) Connect with Entrepreneurs to discuss & Brainstorm Content & Social Media driven Start ups. 3) Connect with Industry Leaders who are looking to Mentor a Startup with great traction & high growth potential in the field of Social Media Network. I am currently working on Daily Suvichar which is a Spiritual Social Media Platform that enables users to Discover Thought Leaders (Like Astrologers, Yoga Gurus, Motivation Gurus, Pandits, Ayurveda preachers etc.) based on Location & Specialisation as well as Discover Spiritual Content based on Individual User Interest. I have a 3 year experience in Automotive Components Manufacturing industry & have worked in countries like India, Japan & Netherlands. If you would like to get in touch with me feel free to send me a message on LinkedIn or email at aayush.257@gmail.com.

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