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Meet The Common But Creative People Behind The Facebook Page 'Sarcasm LOL' Which Has 8.3 Million Followers

In this article, we will come across something that will make your heart pump faster. Yes, it’s going to be an inspirational story. But not the inspirational Blah, Blah, Blah, type.

1) Rachel: "Chandler, you have the best taste in men."

Chandler: "Like father like son."

2) Susie Moss [Julia Roberts]: "How come all I can think about is putting that ice in my mouth and licking you all over?”

Chandler: “Because I went to an all-boys high school and God is making up for it?”

3) Joey: (running after bus with Chandler) "Ben! Ben! Ben!"

Chandler: "Oh, that's good. Maybe he'll hear you and pull the cord."

4) Phoebe: "One of my clients died today on the massage table."

Chandler: "Well that's a little more relaxed than you wanted him to get."

5) Janice: What a small world?

Chandler: And yet I never run onto Beyonce.

‘Can I be any more clear?’ Well, you know who Chandler Bing is and we all know what FRIENDS is all about. Today, we are not going cliche.

Can you make people laugh out loud? If you do, you can do almost anything in your worldly affair. Stand-up Comedians are the newest trend setters today. Do you know who they are competing to? Indirectly, all the comedy night shows and the stand-up web series going across the television domain are competing to be in the minds of the viewers. There is radio for hearing stuffs, TV shows for seeing stuffs but what if I tell that there is also something fascinating for reading stuffs too. No, I am not talking about reading novels or short stories. Please, don’t yawn. Everyone who saw the most humorous television season bet that they are the biggest fans. Do you want to know who is the crazy fan?

I recently came across myriad trolls, dialogues, funny lines, sarcastic comments in almost all social media but there was one connection. That, the single team was handling the same and it has garnered millions of followers. Let’s here his story in his own words. The founder of ‘Sarcasm LOL’ page which has the fan following of 8.3 M Facebook users. I won’t make this boring by getting into QA. Hear the story in his own words.

So I (Rakesh Prasad) was in class 11 (2011) when I started pages. There was a page which had 2k likes. That page updated a status that they need content creator (Editors) who can post regularly on their page. To be honest I didn’t know anything about pages that time. But I still messaged them to make me content creator just for fun & surprisingly they made me content creator. So I started posting on their page on a regular basis and got knowledge about pages & made a page of my own. So, That’s how I really came into this pages & all.

So I created a page named “O_o” . Yes that’s not even a name , it looks more like a smiley. So, a guy named Gaurav Shukla (Fellow Admin in Sarcasm) sent message on that page that he wants to be admin. I didn’t even think twice and I added him to the page. I really don’t know why I added him but now I praise that decision. Gaurav & I created many pages, for example – “Trolism”,“Sarcastic Texts”,”Die please” etc. None of those pages worked quite well. In 2013 I went out of these pages and stuff because I wanted to focus on my studies. Gaurav made quite a lot page in that gap.

I was not on any page for like 1 month when I left. It was really hard because I used to sit infront of my PC and create posts and I really missed the work in that 1 month. So gaurav told me to rejoin him & make something big. So we started making pages again. Then Rachit mishra Joined us. He had to leave soon to focus on his career. Aditya Saini (Fellow Admin) was in Gaurav’s contacts.It was not quite working out for us. Something was not right with the pages we created. Then finally we created Sarcasm. We all gave our all behind sarcasm & now we don’t regret that. Sarcasm has reached 8 million people in 9 months & we hope that it will get better with time. Sarcasm is now a part of our life. The main goal is to make people laugh. It feels good when people share our posts & relate to it.

Gaurav, Aditya & Meet handles the Website Sarcasmlol.com, I handle the page & create the posts. It feels great when a random people message us on page and tell us how our posts make their day. It really makes our day. The goal is to reach as many people as we can.

Sarcasm is not just a page. Sarcasm is a part of our daily life. Sarcasm , humor anything that makes people smile is a necessary part of our life.

Started on December 29, 2015, Sarcasm Facebook Page reached 1M likes in the shortest duration of 4 months. We have gained 4M likes in last 2 months & that’s really mixture of hard work & determination with a bit of luck.

The goal is to entertain people.

The most amazing thing about our team is that, we didn’t know each others in person. We were strangers from different states. I’m from Kolkata, Gaurav is from Ahmedabad, Aditya is from Rajastan & Meet is from Delhi. So whenever a friend asks me “Have you met these guys?” The answer was always “No”, But whenever they asked me “Do you trust these guys?” The answer was always “Yes”.

And look at our group now, It’s been 5 years but still feels like it was yesterday. The story continues.....

That is one heaven of a roller-coaster to jump off the bed and get 5 kilogram of motivation, isn’t it? Pardon, I am being sarcastic, but who wouldn’t?

Twitter Page: Sarcastic_us

Facebook Page: Sarcasm LOL

Website: Sarcasmlol.com

This article is originally published on HuffingtonPost

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