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Why everything needs to be personal ?

We spend enormous amount of time either debating , taking sides on social media pages based on our personal preferences.

My social media pages are now a days filled with ferocious debates on Narayan Murthy (NRN) v/s Vishal Sikka. There are sets of passionate supporters for both these leaders. Each group wants to desperately justify everything good about their leader. However there are very few people who understand the underlying reasons for the tussle. None of the Vishal Sikka supporters would know all details causing his resignation apart from what is publicly made available through his resignation letter. Similarly none or very few of the NRN supporters understand what is his reason for fight against Infosys board.

This is just an example. Similarly there are hundreds of debates viz.. Modi v/s Gandhi , Bhakts v/s liberals , Kumble v/s Kohli etc that we see in every aspect of our life. We spend enormous amount of time either debating , taking sides on social media pages based on our personal preferences.

A simple question which always bother me in these situations. Why should anyone needs to take a side based on the person and not the issue under consideration. I am a great fan of Vishal Sikka for what he did in SAP & how he tried to change culture in Infosys. This doesn’t mean that I blindly support Vishal and antagonise NRN instead of considering his allegation about Panaya deal ? Similarly I am a great fan of Anil Kumble as a cricketer for his legendary achievements on the field. This doesn’t mean that I should blindly view Virat Kohli as a villain by taking Kumble’s side. No one knows what happened within the dressing room of the cricket team.

Coming back to Infosys issue, NRN never talked anything personal against Sikka on a public forum. His concerns were about a scandalous Panaya deal and request for board to come out clean. He had valid questions like why an extraordinary severance package was given to outgoing CFO Rajiv Bansal. The package was cancelled immediately after the question was raised. It’s a responsibility of board of directors to respond to the questions of a founder & and a key share holder. I don’t see NRN’s public out cry on these issues should lead someone to resign.

Vishal Sikka, with all his experience, would very well know that there will be many eyes questioning his decisions all the time. Come on ! you are a CEO of India’s tech bellwether and you can’t just resign because someone complained.  He will & should very well be in a position to justify all his actions as a CEO of publicly traded company. Again, I am not taking sides. None of us know what really happened in the Infosys board meetings. None of us know the details of communications between NRN , Infosys board & Vishal Sikka. Yes, Vishal did indicate in his letter about unpleasant ‘drum beatings’.  However we don’t know if the ‘drum beatings’ were a personal attack on Vishal or it transpired due to inefficiency of the Infosys board to handle such delicate issues.

Without knowing any of the details, it’s a plain stupidity to take sides and try to tarnish the image of a person. One needs to completely understand the issue under consideration rather than take sides for someone they personally like. This applies to every debate that we come across. Why should we not support Rahul Gandhi when he talks about empowerment of women ? did he say anything wrong ? Similarly why should someone make Narendra Modi responsible for every beef related lynching in the nation. Yes, some killings may be due to communal clashes but some may not be. It may be any other cause mis interpreted and projected by media as beef killing. We don't know until it's investigated.

We need to try to get into the skin of the issue and understand both sides rather than jumping to immediate conclusions based our personal liking or disliking. Without this, ultimate losers will be ourselves. Leaders will benefit by the amount of support and publicity they get. Even negative publicity for them is a publicity. It is we who lose our valuable time debating on things without understanding the full picture.

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