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5 Habits of Highly Successful people at 6 a.m

Behind every man there is a productive morning and silent mind...

5 Habits of Highly Successful people at 6 a.m.

One who is successful is positive, focused and disciplined and in the morning it is all about gathering your wit together and hitting a positive note.

Ankit Jain - Successful Entrepreneur  discuss how morning is everything..
Ankit Jain - Successful Entrepreneur  discuss how morning is everything..

The difference between successful people and common people are they use time in productivity and shy away from idle gossip. It is not about sitting for 9 hours and doing nothing but it is maximum utilization of time and how to increase productivity. The main goal of mankind is attaining knowledge and to spread it everywhere.

If you want to win your day and the arena, follow these:

1. Use real gadgets – ALARM CLOCK

You want to get up at 6 a.m. and you put on alarm app on your mobile, and slept. You might be wondering, why I am saying a real alarm clock, when all of you might be having high Android mobiles. Reason, let me tell you, when you have a real alarm clock, you won’t waste your time on social media sites and only thing you have to do is pressing a button.

It saves time Buddy..

2. Clear your head

For the successful people, a day started and they directly open laptop and start doing work.. A big NO.. In fact, they will try and gather nerves and try to make their brain silent as much as they can… A coffee and book, or simply sitting in the balcony watching sunrise, is all they need.

3. Morning Blues of Clothes

In the morning, juggling the wardrobe and searching what to wear and in the end, wearing almost same shades every day is the lack of planning whereas taking your clothes in the night might be more beneficial for you..

4. Read something you enjoy

I read, “The Monk Who Sold the Ferrari” by Robin Sharma and the in-depth knowledge I gained with it was indescribable. Don’t read negative stuff in the morning and don’t glue yourself to mails, Whatsapp and FB messages. Technology is meant for smooth functioning of day today life, it should not be taken as obsession.

When you read a motivating book, the positivity will flow inside you and make you day more fruitful and productive. I do it daily and try to incorporate in the daily life too..Read something which you like, it can be anything from Financial Express to Motivational Book.. Just read…

5. Drinking Loads of Water

It not only rehyderates but also refreshes our mind and body too. So, start your day with 2 or 3 glass of water..

These views are of Ankit Jain, CEO, EBazar.Ninja, a budding start up in the ecommerce world and now venturing into  new startup , Likewike.com

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I am a voracious reader..I believe when you are completely silent your mind speaks.Being a fan of Harry Potter, I feel Hogwarts has to be a real one..

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