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Serviced Offices Bangalore is the Best Option to Save Office Space Wastage

There are several options of affordable and flexible office solutions apt for the startups in Bangalore. These offices come as a welcome relief from the conventional offices both in terms of renting options as well as expenses. The so called, serviced offices in Bangalore can be rented flexibly on monthly basis without the need to pay any large security deposit as advance unlike the conventional office spaces in Bangalore. The best part is that there is no dearth of facilities or amenities in the serviced offices in Bangalore. So, by opting to hire such a kind of fully furnished office space, you can rest assured as there is no responsibility of cleaning the office, stocking up the pantry etc. as all these are well taken care of by the office administrators. 

Serviced Office Bangalore
Serviced Office Bangalore

The serviced office spaces are a simple working solution for all the businesses, specifically the startups. The flexibility and convenience associated with serviced offices are really very enticing and is a great way to save office space wastage resulting into saving your money to a large extent. You may only pay on the basis of per head cost. So, if you have a small team, then you need not have to waste money on hiring a private office where a lot of space may remain unused resulting into wastage of your money.

Benefits of opting for serviced offices

A serviced office in Bangalore provides several flexibilities and benefits. Some of the major benefits are enlisted below.

Economical solution for organized office majorly for startups.

Flexibility of renting in short-term basis

Impressive location that can be availed at an affordable cost

Saving the cost of dedicated admin services

Enjoying the facilities of reception and meeting rooms without paying full-time for the same

Require some additional space for temporary employees for unspecified time period

Flexibility when company is expanding and more space is required for accommodating more human resources

All furniture is already available in the office

Why startups should prefer serviced offices in Bangalore over traditional offices

The serviced plug and play offices stand out in terms of facilities and flexibilities due to the following major factors:

Low overhead

A serviced office already has all the required facilities in the office like the necessary furniture, fax machines, broadband connections, landline telephone systems etc. So, you do not have to put in any extra efforts of making arrangements of the above which is undoubtedly a havoc task. So, you can relieve your stress to a great extent and also be worry-free regarding the large expenditure associated with the overhead.

Wider office space

The serviced offices are usually located in large buildings with huge spaces. So, in case your business is growing and you are planning to add more people to your team, then you can do that very easily. This is very flexible and you do not need to undertake any kind of renovation as in the case of private offices in order to expand the space in your office while adding more people to the team.


There are several serviced offices in Bangalore where you only have to pay the rent and the maintenance. All the other expenses are being taken care of by the office administrators. Thus, this becomes a complete hassle-free option for the startups which do not have the bandwidth of spending large amounts of office infrastructure.

High Spec Technology

The several serviced offices are equipped with high spec technology like latest telecom connections and high-speed broadband internet connectivity. So, while they offer all of these facilities, you need not have to worry about getting these arrangements done all by yourself. Thus, you end up enjoying quality resources even as an initial startup, all within affordable budgets. Also, you are spared from the hassle attached with making arrangements for telephone and internet connectivity all by yourself.


The management of the serviced office space is responsible for its maintenance. They would take care of cleaning and maintain the hygiene of the office premises. So, you are spared from the responsibility of employing people in doing all such housekeeping work. This is indeed a complete, easy and hassle-free alternative. You have the option of concentrating on your work full time instead of wasting your time supervising such trivial chores.


The serviced offices in Bangalore are very readily available and the best part is that they are all well-furnished with all modern office furniture and amenities. In case of the traditional offices, you would require a lot of time in setting up the offices which entail huge chunk of valuable time and money.

So, the above pointers very mightily prove that the serviced office spaces in an expensive city like Bangalore are a perfect option for the startups as it saves a lot of the recurring overhead month after month. So by opting for serviced offices in Bangalore, you will effectively be able to save the office space wastage. Also, surveys conducted have revealed that the overhead costs can be saved up to 60% by opting for serviced offices in Bangalore. Thus, the money that you save in this process can be much fruitfully used for other purposes in the process of developing the business. 

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