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His love changed into a profitable business

Do what you love.

 He froze and watched her in awe when she passed by him for the first time. Her voice made him skip a beat. It was love at first sight. He was only 10 years then. Yet he knew she was the one. This was the beginning of a 20 year love story. 

He was timid and she had style. Back in those days, when they were seen together, people would notice her more. Yet they were like white on rice. Their affair started as sheer fun. Joy rides to the outskirts of the city, gave way to inter-city rides, and finally they went across the country. For them the time they spent together was important. It was more about the journey and not the destination. It was about bonding. 

Hubert Augustine - Motours.in
Hubert Augustine - Motours.in

Meet Hubert Augustine & his Royal Enfield. He is not your uber cool, young millennial software engineer, with a problem statement and a technology solution. He does not talk seed money, funding, round A, or any of the other lingo that you hear in the start up community. He started late. Very late. He is now over 50 years.Unlike the typical startup guy, he has a large family to take care of. Yet that did not deter him from pursuing his passion.

2007 saw the launch of

Motours is a club of sorts for motorcycle enthusiasts, who prefer to enjoy the ride. Unlike the other adventure planners, Hubert's Motours is different. Since he encourages families to be a part of the journey, women, kids everyone, safety is their core USP.

They now organize trips around Bangalore and their annual trip to the holy grail of riders, The Manali - Leh ride.

Over the years, they have done this with 100% safety record for about 100 trips with over 200 repeat customers.

This is a true example of how one man's passion, not inspired by profits and focused on the value to the customer, can turn into a profitable business, inspire new friendships & strengthen existing bonds.

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