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What is e:Beta?

It is our Indian culture that has taught us to worship and take care of our parents. Care being the primary responsibility, at times we are forced to live away from them due to the present fast track growing work culture. No one can replace ones own children but e:Beta is here with a service  which is going to make your parents feel that we are there for them as  your replica. The e:Beta service meant for the healthcare of senior citizens  who stay alone here as their children are working outside Raipur (C.G), within India or abroad. It is also meant for the people who are dependent on someone and need personal assistance for their healthcare requirements.

The services include right from fixing up the appointment with the doctor to taking them there, having them checked up and dropping  them back home after its all done, getting the tests done if advised by the doctor and getting the medicines. 

All this while, e:Beta Executive will personally accompany them so they have nothing to worry about during the entire process. The idea is to make them feel as comfortable and safe as they would have been with you.

e:Beta assures you of an assistance which is full of care and warmth at every stage, which is precisely they need at this age.

Watch this video to know everything about e:Beta
Watch this video to know everything about e:Beta

e:Beta is started by Mr. Nishith Thakur and his wife Mrs. Shradha Thakur who without having and B school degree took the path of entrepreneurship in there early 40's. Mr. Nishith has over  20 years of experience in the field of media & adverstising, right now he runs a brand communications company and Mrs Shradha Thakur has rich experience in media as well as service sector.  It is rightly said that it is never too late to start  with the idea you believe in and the best  degree or qualification which one needs to have is passion.

As of now the area of operations will be Raipur (Chhattisgarh). The features what e:Beta will provide will have confirmed & priority appointments, well trained staff, comfort, safety, female staff and transparency . 

Worrying about something is something you really can't get away with. But then there are some real worries. Your aged parents miles away from  you is perhaps the biggest one. On that, its their health which requires  extra care at that age. So obviously it's a matter of concern for you as you  cannot be with them every time they need you. So here comes e:Beta to  take away one of your biggest worries – assisting your parents for their health care as your replica.

They don't just need health care; they need a warm, tender care and here  is our assurance of assisting them with utmost sincerity and warmth, just  almost as you would do for them. So leave it to us without worrying a bit about your parents and we'll give our best to them…rest assured.

  • Mr. Nishith Thakur  with his highness Mahant Shir Ram Sundar Das Ji
  • Mahant Shri Ram Sundar Das Ji is Managing Trustee for Dushadhari Math and Shvirinaran Trust
  • Mahant Shri Ramsundar Das Ji is also on  advisory board for e:Beta


 e:Beta is a service meant for providing assistance to senior citizens for their healthcare and we are not health care experts or Doctors. We only facilitate the services required for it like taking  up appointment, escorting and dropping them back home after the doctor consultation. e:Beta is just a name for the brand identity purpose and not anything about being gender bias. We firmly believe that women are not just at par but they are even superior to men in many places. We put women 􀃶rst. So e Beta may just be taken as a brand name and that's it.

Website: www.ebeta.in

Mail: adhish@ebeta.in

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/ebeta15

Contact: 9522292122