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7 best birthday cakes for your sweetheart

birthday cakes

Birthday is one of the most special days in one’s life and a birthday cake makes it all the more special. It’s unknown since when the birthday cakes into existence. And it’s not important to know the exact time and date because all that matters is happiness. A birthday cake baked for special someone always brings lots of joy in the mind of the birthday boy/girl. So, what are your plans this time to woo the mind of the birthday king/queen?

Here lies some mesmerizing tips on how well you can make the birthday special with cakes.

1. First of all select a type of cake that would be loved by your sweetheart. If that person is adventurous in nature you can go ahead with flavors like black currant or raspberry. If the person is a sweet one, strawberry would be loved. And if the person is very romantic by nature then red velvet would be the ultimate choice of cake. You can order birthday cake online and relax as online orders are quite quick in delivering the gifts.

2. Birthdays are special and you can make this special day a nostalgic one. Get a birthday cake ordered which would be a replica of the person’s home. He/she would definitely be moved by this very special birthday cake, especially when that person stays outside home. Because home is something that always makes people cozy and nostalgic.

3. If the birthday boy is a doctor or a medical student, you can get a cake which would reflect his profession. Like the cake would be in the shape of a stethoscope or a syringe. This would bring lot of fun to the birthday environment.

4. If the birthday person is a hard core movie buff, then presenting a cake looking just like the poster of a famous movie would excite him for sure. He would never ever forget this birthday cake.

5. Suppose the birthday girl is a dancer, you can go ahead with a customized and personalized cake. Get one of her dancing images and name imprinted on the cake. The best kind of birthday cakes are always the most creative and innovative ones.

6. For the complete vegan people, you have the option of eggless cakes. And these days eggless cake are also available in every flavors. So, it would be easier to get a black forest, orange, chocolate truffle, white forest, or a butterscotch cake without eggs.

7. Presenting a designer cake to the birthday boy/girl who is a painter sounds lovely. An artist always tries to improve any place with their creative eyes and therefore designer cakes would be best suited for them.

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