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Journey with Rs.500 and Determination

A  Most Difficult Journey with Rs.500 in 1987 in pocket to establish HANS TARA Services Brand to serve Most Reputed Clients in Integrated Facility Management  Services Business.

The Journey was a big miracle come true with the grace of God after left my Last Job with Pyare Lal and Sons as Sales Engineer and finding no other way to move forward to establish myself other than working for others. It was for sure realised that perhaps I may not work for any other person because during my 4 to 5 years of  service with companies Like Escorts(Ford Tractors),Niky Tasha and Sylvania Laxman and last Pyare Lal and Sons where I was selling Automobile Workshop sophisticated Equipments I had realised people will always be hurdle in my dreams.The seniour do not respect for the dream and destinations towards my success in my way.They will use me with their own whims and fancies.

The million dollar question was how to break that hurdle. I went to Mata Kalka Mandir and took the soul blessings of Maa Durga(Kalka) and asked for utmost strength to my entrepreneurship Journey.I gathered a broken Table from my Home took an old Bedsheet and made a small office like environment to give me a feeling as if I have started a big journey.The journey was full of lot of criticism from my parents,relatives and many more because at that time working for somebody else was treated as big time achievment.

I worked hard  and started as HR and Industrial Consultancy Services Support company in my first Set up Karam Shakti Udyog and Consultants under which my first revnue was of Rs.900.00 after placing one stenographer with the client DLF Universal Ltd and slowly started bagging more HR Placement assignments with many other reputed clients like Tata Elexi,MODI and many other.Then one of my client suggested me to provide three peons under housekeeping services contract to them for total contract value of Rs.5000.00 and which got raised to big value contract with them and I had to make my another Set up Go ahead as Hans Tara Udyog to Hans Tara Services Pvt. Ltd. which then started bagging good clients worked in the past like Nirula's  DLF Oberoi ITC American Express,American Express Bank,Teletech and slowly I realised that this has got big scope as many more facilities are likely to arrive in our country and we statred our strong grip by learning all tricks of the trade like giving training to staff and investing in good Facility Care equipments.

We are now open in joint collaboration with any Facility Management Company from other parts of the world who wish to grow in our country as joint partner.we are also looking for long term venture capitalist for accelerated growth of the Company.The Start up as a proprietory firm was  started on 01st January 1987 and  we shall be completing 30 YEARS this 01st January,2016. My past memories also include a day when it was damn difficult for me pay for my telephone bill for which I had to beg and Borrow to keep the show of this Journey always ON.

I may be having numerous case studies and situations in my memories but with determination all my hurdles had to given me a way.My father taught me a good lesson in Punjabi "Himmat  pe Marda  and Marde pe Khuda" Meaning God only help those who are determined to help themselves.

SHIV BATRA  Mg.Director Hans Tara Services Pvt. Ltd.

Shiv Batra in his Office

Mrs.Geeta Batra working in the office

Services Team Hans Tara

Participation Badge of ISSA Interclean USA Show 

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I am Managing Director of Hans Tara Services Pvt. Ltd. Providing Mechanised Cleaning and Housekeeping Services and Facility Management to reputed Clients .our Journey started in 1987

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