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Open Letter to Mr.Arun Jaitley Regarding ATMs Recalibrations mismanagements   

Latest Statements by Finance Arun Jaitley regarding ATM recalibration issue, that one ATM can take 4 hour to re calibrate for new note.

Now Let us calculate all the matter and measure actual reality for the same. As per Latest Info Government sites that india have almost 2 Lacs ATM. Now lets us calculate the main matter. Government must have at least 8000 Engineers for this recalibration process. And in this type of situation government can easily manage 8000 engineers even through the help of our other top companies.

Due to this big uncertainty every bankers are working around 16 hour per day, even though we are considering it as 12 hours per day only. Means one engineer can easily calibrate 3 ATM System daily. Means 8000 can re calibrate 24000 ATMs daily.

Government has declared demonetization dated 8 November and lets us forget 9th November for proper planning then if government can start working from 10 November then today is 23rd November means total 13 days. Now Let us calculate.

24000 x 13 = 312000/- three Lacs twelve thousand only

Now let us consider that government is able to manage 6000 then this calculation will be like below

6000 x 3 x 13 = 234000/- Two Lacs thirty four thousand only

Now let us give more relaxation to Mr. Jaitley

4000 x 3 x 13 =156000/- One Lacs Fifty Six Thousand Only, while remaining 44000/- ATM can be drived with 100 Rs Note Only.

Main Reality in Normal Condition 20% ATMs are not working / Out Of case condition which is normal situation in india .

Now in present situation 50% ATMs are not working and 30 % becomes empty within 3 hours only. Normal People is not able to understand and want to ask to Mr. Finance Minister can you check all this calculation and can you tell us why ATMs are not working yet .

Peoples are fairly understood that government is not proper Organized and government don’t have preprinted not to share with public. I hope Mr. Arun Jaitley sir will comments on this.

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I am IT Manager, like to view updates of It industry.

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