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Stainless steel kitchen sink

During the use of the kitchen and particularly during the preparation of the food, a lot of time is spent in the area of the sink.

Whether they are rinsing fruit and vegetables, washing your hands between dishes or rinsing dishes. The sink is in continuous use. Therefore, it is so important to choose the right fitting for your needs.

Decisive when choosing the right faucets is in addition to the optical factor, especially your functionality. Because many processes can be simplified considerably by means of the suitably selected fitting. Modern fittings can replace water boilers and purchased bubble bottles.

Bubbly directly from the pipeline

Faucets with sparkling water make buying and transporting drinks boxes with water unnecessary. You can get your bubbly water directly from the pipe with these fittings. Save the water cooker by installing a professional hot water faucet in your kitchen.

Practical: Pull-out fittings

Extendable fittings have the advantage that you no longer have to place pots or buckets for filling in the sink. Simply pull the shower so far that you can fill the vessels comfortably.

Do you have a window directly behind the sink and can this only tilt, since the fitting locks the way? The windows can be opened again with modern swiveling fittings.

Welcome to the rinsing center

There is hardly a simple, round sink. Modern rinsing centers bear their name for no reason. They have a whole center for the preparation and follow-up of the food with a width of usually 60 cm, in order to have enough space for all activities. Most of the today's kitchens have a small and a large sink, with the following draining area on the preferred side: the right-hand drain the left-hand drawer on the left, and the right hand on the left hand.

Practical inserts in the sink facilitate the work: cutting boards, screens, and bowls to work directly in the sink. The flushing center is flush with the work surface. This facilitates cleaning since no edges have to be taken into account. Through their optimum cleanability countertop and dishwashing, centers are all of a piece in high demand.

Ergonomics through optimum working heights

Two-thirds of all preparatory activities fall into the sink area. Therefore, it is important that the rinse area has the right height for you to prevent back pain. Ergonomen recommends an ideal height of 10 cm under the elbow height.

Niche red kitchen

Basic equipment Sink:

1 large and 1 small basin

Setting/draining surface

basket strainer

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