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Paragliding at Bir Billing, Kangra 

Great Place to Visit for Adventure Lovers.

Paragliding at Bir Billing, Kangra district, HP

Bir Billing is a town in Kangra district, Himachal Pradesh which is known as the ‘paragliding capital of India’. It is a great place to visit for the adventure lovers. Bir is a place of takeoff site while Billing is the place where landing takes place. The distance between Palampur and Bir is 35km whereas Bir is a distance of 14km from billing.

The best seasons to visit Bir Billing, Kangra, HP for paragliding are from March to May and October and November.

Cocooned among the hilly terrains and tea gardens, Biris a colony of Tibetans and is known for the widespread Buddhist monasteries. Billing is a natural beauty aligned in a way to serve as the best landing place for paragliding. The meadow is such naturally designed to make it perfect for paragliding thus making it a popular place for paragliding worldwide. World famous para gliders come here and is thus one of the international paragliding circuits.

Down the valley, offers you the panoramic view from the heights. The Dhauladar range and Kangra Valley is a beauty which resonates your mind and acts as a soothing balm for your eyes. Billing is the best site for paragliding and hand gliding in Himachal. It is a stretch of about 100km where you can experience the best gliding experience possible.

Bir can be reached with any vehicle easily. The 14km distance from Bir to Billing should be covered either by foot, gypsy or Mahindra which are specially designed to travel for rock cut terrains. This 14km route is a fame route known for its unique carving from rocks.

Apart from paragliding, Bir is known for its Chokling monastery. Besides this, there are other monasteries too if you are keen to explore the Buddhist culture. There is easy accommodation available in the valley among the fresh air and aroma of tea gardens.

Bir and billing are the perfect destination place for both the lover of hill stations, natural beauty and those who love inhaling the adventure air. 

Article Posted By: Parul Rajnish Pathak-BesthotelsBooking.in

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