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5 online shopping mistakes that can put you in a spot of bother

Online shopping is one of the biggest gifts of the internet boom to India. Online shopping in India is a big hit and has huge demand not only in Metropolitan's but also in tier II cities, as every item ranging from clothes to electronics every easily available at a click of a button. It’s easy to be smitten by online shopping, after all, who won’t want to shop from the convenience of their home? At the same time, there’s a need to be cautious about it as when something seems so easy, there are chances of going wrong. Not being watchful increases the scope of mistakes, some of which can spoil your online shopping experience. Here are five such mistakes you may commit while shopping online that may put you in a spot of bother.

1. Not Exploring Enough

Online shopping is a growing market in India with a new shopping site popping up every other day. There are a plethora of online clothing stores and electronic stores that deal only in apparels and electronic items, and the same there are several e-commerce sites selling everything from a pen to refrigerator. It means you have plenty of stores from where you can buy a product, though it may be a bit confusing to select a store. This prompts several online shoppers to buy products from the first website that shows up on Google search, restricting themselves from availing discounts and offers offered on another site. It is, therefore, advisable to explore a bit. Search for the product on other shopping sites and compare its price to get the best possible deal.

2. Skipping Shipping Quote

Not everything comes for free. While you are paying for the item, many online stores levy shipping charges too for a particular product or have a minimum order value. We often miss checking the shipping charges for the product and discover it only after adding the item to the cart. That is why you must check if there’s shipping cost associated with the product as sometimes it can be really expensive. You may also choose to shop from sites that offer free delivery to lower your bill.

3. Not Reading Return Policy

One of the biggest reasons why online shopping became an instant hit with users was that they could order a product, try it, and return it if it didn’t turn out how they wanted. The online retailer credits your money after the product reaches the warehouse, however, things don’t go that smoothly. That’s because there’s a catch to returning a product, which many users are not aware of for they didn’t bother to read the return policy. It is, therefore, imperative to read the return policy of the online clothing or electronic store than regret later. The policy will detail how much time you have to return an item and who is financially responsible for return shipping.

4. Ignoring Reviews

Online stores offer a comprehensive range of products of both fine-quality and substandard quality. This makes it difficult to ascertain whether the product you are buying is genuine and worthy. It is, therefore, crucial that you read the review of the product, seller, and retailer before ordering it as they are the best tool to judge the quality of the product and the service of the online retailer. Review stars are an excellent way of judging a product. Many online stores allow you to filter products according to review stars to help you select products that other buyers found genuine, high-quality, and helpful.

5. Shopping from Unreliable Sites

With scores of online stores mushrooming nearly every year, it is tough to ascertain which one is reliable. The products you are searching might be available at a site at a reasonable price, however, before buying the product check the site’s security credentials and reputation. You may either not receive your order or may get a substandard product. Also, shopping from a suspicious website have a high risk of online fraud, where in your card information is stolen and used for fraudulent online purchases. So, whenever you come across a new online store check the retailer’s online reputation, read user’s reviews, and ensure the URL starts with “https,” denoting a secure connection.

Be a Smart Shopper

In the age of smartphones, it is important that you are as smart as your phone. Also, online fraud is the most common form of frauds today. This is why you need to make sure the online clothing or electronic store where you are putting your hard earned money is reliable, offers fine-quality products, and you will get your order on time. Remember these five points and experience a smooth and reliable online shopping experience.

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