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Stories and Experiences with Mrinal Jha -Youth Channels 

To all those young and energetic, passionate youth of the nation, struggle is the cause of success. Experience is the weapon to move forward with that success. The more you deal with the world around you, the more you gain knowledge, and that knowledge is beyond going to any university or institution, that knowledge is beyond education.

It was same thunder blowing on my head after I passed my intermediate , where to go , what subject to choose and what to perform in my life that will give a revolution change to my normal day. I landed to New Delhi with the same hope as like as other student to gain some platform for my education , there I was Staying with my cousin who  was preparing himself for  government exams , witnessing  his hard work day and at night I would draw a conclusion that if i will work hard that will be for myself, I will hire myself or else i wont waste my effort skills and time in jobs around. 

Mrinal Jha was very much passionate about dance and he dreamed his career in the field of shakes and moves. Building his confidence he boosted himself  to move out of home and his comfort zone ,he 
left all his stuff back to Delhi and made his way to south India to Vizag , There he met many dancers and formed his own team to set a flash mob world record. All required was ready , 2500 dancers were ready with Mrinal to make their step to revolution . Every Sponsors and investor were waiting to hit Indian media when suddenly unconditional family call up made  Mrinal back to Nepal and all his setup was devastated , Coming back to his home town and facing depressed moment was the only option in his hand , locking himself in the room for two month , talking to walls about his dreams and making different excuses to investors and sponsors  was never a life he dreamed of but had to live on. 

Best presenter on Marketing technique 
Best presenter on Marketing technique 

Frustrating schedule came to an end when Mrinal was aware about his life opportunity , getting updated via social media he joined with a start-up weekend platform where he was able to meet different people from business field who shared more knowledge about  entrepreneurship , what an exiting thing  he got to live with , With an idea of inspirationuership he gave a birth to a channel of young and youth where failure and achievers. Different stories are written on the  people who are desired do make their life worth it and shared to masses. When Mrinal was asked about his initiation he replied " small initiative to make-up their inner talent once again and make them believe that What matter is you. Your power of desire is more then anything you need in this whole world."

youthchannels.com   has some great inspirational article on great people, who are achieving something or other each day, no matter their achievements are big or small. Reading these article and interviews If they  are able to motivate or inspire one depressed youth that would be the biggest reward for them and for those who share their views on the blog because they becomes the reason for the change.

  • Bad Phases Is Required 
  • YC- Start-up

Mrinal initiated this Idea for those unwilling soul who left their life in hand of their destiny . Story , A simple word has the power to change the mindset , Story can turn into an inspiration. One moment of life can transform your mindset from pessimist to optimist.  Creating  that one moment of life, They are here to make you begin your journey of life through those inspirational stories which may lead you somewhere with their experience’s.

Everyone has their own story to share . Lets connect to each other and speak to the world about your life experiences, which was live , which taught you something , which became reason for your success or failure.
What if your story changes someone’s else life.
What if you turn into an inspiration for someone
Don’t think – Let us Know your Story.


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