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Eight unique strategies to make your email marketing stand out  

In the niche market dealing with a B2B email lists, email marketing is a sought after means to attract prospects as it holds the reputation for consistently outperforming every other channel. Despite of being the oldest channel, it has evolved into the most sustainable, cost-effective lead generation solution for email sales marketers to target prospective buyers looking for high-quality solutions.

When you take time honing your email list, it gives you enormous leverage in reaching prospects, because a majority of email users are accessible through their smartphones. By choosing email marketing, you have left with a plethora of analytics that will provide a deeper insight on email metrics so that they can be optimized. The listening tools can be used to evaluate open rate, click through, unsubscribes, spam complaints.

Here are 8 unique strategies to make your email marketing stand out

1. Hone your list regularly

Humans are prone to committing mistakes. Some users may unknowingly submit misspelled email address, while others may do so deliberately. Invalid email addresses can cause havoc to an email marketing exposing them to various risks that will jeopardize their objective. Often the problem begins with non-deliverance of email leading to increasing bounces, and then threats of spam trap before being labelled as a spammer.

Keeping email list fit and healthy requires consistent scrubbing and running checks to see if they are accurate.

2. Personalize every email

The users who receive emails spend no longer than a few seconds before moving them into the trash. Marketers have mere seconds to make a convincing case with a bit of personalization. So, quickly grab the attention by addressing recipients with their names.

3. Emoji in the subject line

It isn’t exciting to open the mailbox because a lot many emails look identical and users may not even engage and rather scroll over. However, the inclusion of emoji in the subject line can turn the tides in marketer’s favor because “why not?” If emoji can make the users pause, then it ought to be used within the email subject. Perhaps, its effectiveness is proven from several split-tests conducted by marketers in the past.

4. Email distribution in batches

The time that is chosen to launch emails will significantly impact the response. Flushing emails into everybody’s mailbox is like throwing spaghetti on the wall and finding what sticks. Instead, plan your email marketing by dividing your business to business mailing list into batches and deploying them at different times of the day. The resulting metrics will yield precise results indicating the ideal time for email distribution leading to higher responses.

5. Double opt-in list

The volume of the B2B mailing lists is not the qualifying factor for successful conversions. Rather, it is the response gained from every individual within email list that counts. Marketers omit to build double opt-in list believing that the extra effort could deter email submission, if people are going the distance to opt-in to your list, it outlines their interest.

6. The B2B email lists segmentation

B2B Email lists segmentation is critical to the marketing objective because it helps to hone a niche audience who are likely to be the reason for better open and click-through rates. A better result can be had by sending emails to the relevant audience rather than every unverified individual. An email list can have people with dissimilar interest in offers and discounts. Segmentation is the key to bringing to surface every responsive prospect.

7. Responsive email template

A responsive template is a key to email marketing results. Since many subscribers are found to be mobile users, choosing a mobile friendly email newsletter template can multiply the response. Email providers such as MailChimp offers responsive templates that ensure your messages are perfectly visible on any screen sizes. Customized email templates are a cost-effective solution to make your email uniquely visible.

8. The importance of CTA

Don’t forget the CTA. The call to action in an email will indicate recipients what they should be doing. Emails without CTA have lower response rates and leads to lower click-through. Hence, without a CTA, users are likely to delete the email in mere seconds of skimming through its content. Give them the direction and goal.  

8 Unique Strategies to Make Your Email Marketing Stand Out
8 Unique Strategies to Make Your Email Marketing Stand Out
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