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How to find online wholesalers for your shopping store?

E-commerce is making shopping faster, easier and of course hassle free. Let's say you have a well-grounded store selling various fashion brands, handicrafts etc.

E-commerce is making shopping faster, easier and of course hassle free. Let's say you have a well-grounded store selling various fashion brands, handicrafts etc. But imagine it without having a proper manufacturer or a seller. Also, trusting a seller will be really tough, especially when you are new players in the market. Now the question arises where to find wholesalers for both online and offline retail stores?

Stumbling Blocks for Traditional Businesses:

This doesn't end here, you need to take a shop where you can keep all the goods safely i.e. requirement of stock maintenance. Even if you somehow find the market where wholesalers are available it becomes tough to be judged that which shop is genuine fulfilling all your requirements. Also, there will be a lot of disparity in the prices and cost of travel.

Let's say you want some saree from Surat and your store is located in Mumbai then imagine the number of people involved in this whole delivery process and the traveling cost. Seeing certain conditions there is a strict need for the traditional wholesale market to be shifted towards online. There are wholesale e-commerce stores accessible for all retailers and through them, you can check the price of Pan India manufacturers. The article rates will be declared online and therefore the authenticity will be more as rates don't change as per the vendors.

Who are Online Wholesalers?

There are certain websites online who bridges the gap between manufacturers and retailers. They sell the products with limited margins and diminish your traveling expenses.

Here is the list of topmost Indian wholesalers who are selling different items online.

1. Fashion Apparels and handicrafts- https://www.wholesalebox.in/

2. General Provision Store: http://bookerindia.net/

3. Multipurpose Store- http://www.wholesalehungama.com/

4. Different Toners- http://www.indiantoners.com/

5. Household related Items- http://www.wholesaledock.com/

Now the question is to understand how these wholesalers work?

They work on a very small margin and most of them buy from other manufacturers and sell it to different retail and online stores. When you will check the pricing of these stores then you will realize that they are actually selling the products at a very low price.

It is to be noted that before doing any kind of transactions with online wholesalers check out their websites and ask them all the questions regarding the business. Try to gather some references which show the authenticity of their business just to avoid fraud cases. Also, for precautionary measures it is suggestible to order for minimum amount and give a quality check if it suits your choice or not. But, without taking a second thought, it will be a perfect idea to buy goods online and always keep your stock fresh with latest trendy articles. Online wholesale shopping is the quickest way to shop for your retail store!

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Pooja Gupta is a Sr. Content Writer at Wholesalebox Internet Pvt. Ltd, an wholesale B2B platform connecting manufacturers directly to retailers and providing the best price to retailers. She is expert in writing content and has an experience of more than 3 years in the field of creative, technical, web and copy writing.