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Good grades vs real learning

Good grades shouldn't be a testament to one's calibre and potential.It's the skills that make a person worthy of a job and not the number on a score card.

Yes, we all need well-decorated mark sheets with good grades but I only see it as just an unavoidable speed breaker in our path to real learning. No doubt that it's helpful to measure our performance in school or colleges but sometimes it takes lots of efforts and focuses on our side that we tend to forget about the real concern, Real Learning. 

Grades are supposed to work as a recognition for our learning progress but not as a Judge of our productivity and work calibre work in front of society.

The role of parents plays a vital role here as they can make us understand that the score of 100 is not going to tell them how good we are. So, yeah parents have to take one step forward to create a culture in which we stop judging our child on the basis of his/her grades. He/she should be judged on the basis of his/her IQ or may be aptitude but not the number on his/her score card.

Valuation of what we learned is important but making that “Valuation” a priority is wrong. Real learning not only increases our skills but also help us to grow as a person in life and develop a character as well.

What do I mean by Real Learning?

• Consistent growth

• Skill based learning

• Project oriented study and evaluation

• Learning with respect to Industry demands

Even the top companies who hire fresh candidates from colleges every year plan 2 to 12 months of training for them. What does this show us? This shows us that even the companies don’t find them fit with whatever education and grades they have acquired. So yeah that’s the mistake of our Education System, who is not teaching us as to what the industry is demanding right now.

It is estimated that there will be an increased job cuts in Indian I.T. companies almost to the point of 1.75 -2 lakh per year in the next 3 years, due to under- preparedness in adopting newer technologies. This is the proof that real learning should be a concern and priority.

Some time back, I read a news that stated “Only 40 percent of engineering graduates get placements” which is again shocking. Because companies and industry don’t want to hire anyone who is not eligible for their job.

This is not to establish that our government is not working to resolve these issues but yeah we can help them by being a catalyst and changing our own mind-set first so that we can overcome this issue in our education system soon.

Recently, Our HRD Minister said “Three engineering internships are mandatory for engineering students during the period of their course tenure and for which institutes has to take responsibilities”. Which is again a great move because it will help the student to engage & interact more with industry & top companies. Also, it will provide them more exposure.

Real Learning is what will prepare our future generations to be an abled and skilled work force for this country.

Just one last thing to note: Good Grades is just the mind-set but Real Learning is the future.
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A recent graduate from Delhi Technological University, I am embarking on a journey to start a platform for people to voice their opinion and share their stories with my new venture, CREATING TALKS. With the experience I have gained over time working in the education sector, I wish to impart my insights in the field of education, revolutionary ideas that are taking hold of Higher education field in India. Entrepreneurial background also fires my passion for entrepreneurship and hence I wish to explore and share more on the Entrepreneurial world as well. Knowledge is all about sharing and exploring and that is what I wish to attain through my stories

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