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My favorite road bikes under budget of 2017 

I am hobby bike in this article I am sharing my personal biking  experience .Why I like to ride cycle , which is my favorite road bike ...etc.

Cycling is one of my great hobbies and I am riding bike for such a long time. I am not a professional road biker but a hobby biker. In my childhood my father bought a bike for myself. I was only 10 years when I started to riding. My father has phoenix bicycle that was made by china. He was riding his bike for going to office and also for going market to buy something. You can say I have learned cycling from my father in earlier in my life. Our economical situation was not good. So my father was looking for a bike under budget. And after long search on Google he chooses a bike for me that was $160.

Why I like to ride bike.

Cycling is best exercise for someone who wants to keep his body fit. As early I said that our economical condition was not good but now I am earning a handsome figure. I am using my private car for going to office. I need not use cycle for going to office as like my father. So why I like to ride cycle? There are several reasons for that. First, I don’t have much more time to spend on exercise in JYM. 2 years ago my weight was going high day by day. I was worried about my fitness. My doctor suggests me for exercising. But You Know I have no time in my hand for exercising. My friend suggests me to ride cycle when I am going for office or in market.

Now I am riding bike on holydays because cycling is not boring like other exercise. I am enjoying myself on riding. You can also ride cycle for:

• Keep your body fit.

• For more pleasure.

• For adventure.

• For doing exercise without losing your valuable time.

Which is the best road bike I like so much

There is lot more best bikes in market. You can choose anyone as your need. If you are looking for cheap bike then search on Google best road bikes under 500 dollars, you will get some exceptional road bike review on online. Read the review and choose your bike. In under budget my first choice is Takara Kabuto and second choice is Schwinn road bike. That bike brand has produce best bike for biker.

Final thought:

Before buying any bike please read the review of this bike. Bike review will give your clear concept about this bike. Finally, I can say please go for biking and keep your body fit for long time. Thank you for reading my article. I will come back with another topic if I get some time in my hand. Till then bye and take care yourself.

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I am guest blogger and writing on Sport and outdoor

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