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Book Keeper App

Most Simplified Accounting App

We just made one small accounting app and pushed it on Play Store, Android was newly launched mobile platform in 2012-13, and we received tonnes of responses from users. People were actually looking for something like that. We were receiving hundreds of emails everyday with suggestions for improvements, some complaints, and so many thank you messages for this app.

We were literally wondering, is it real? and then we started digging about accounting systems across world and there were already hundreds of them available over internet. Then we searched, what do users/businessmen really need and result was shocking!!!

There are hundreds of accounting systems but most of them fail to fulfil simple promises. Half of them need internet to operate but in India, you know the condition of internet. Few of them are so complex, you really need to go to school again to learn how to operate a software. Being a businessmen, you don’t even have time to breath, forget about going for some course. Another option is to hire some accounting officer to do all your accounting stuff. Really? I am small businessman, I can’t afford to hire another manager to do just accounting part. Instead, I will manage on paper. Huh. and Most important point, pricing. Most of these softwares are too costly, so either users will download pirated copy or will manage business of paper.

So, if I draw 1-1 business graph, it looks something like this:

Well, we don’t wanna do either one of these things. What we wanna do was to make a leapfrog product that is affordable for everyone, and super-easy to use. This is what Book Keeper is.

“Most Simplified Accounting Solution”.

We started with features one by one and started brainstorming and came up with most simplified solutions, we have removed all the complex terms and made it super-easy to use, so that any person can operate it.

“Designed for non-accountants”.

Just Download. Install. That's it!
 No training required.

Over a period of 3 years and continuous development, Book Keeper has got hundreds of features, here are few of our favourites:
1. Professional Invoicing
2. Inventory Management
3. Barcode Scanning
4. Receipt/Payments/Estimates/Orders
5. 25+ Comprehensive Reports
6. Role Based Access
7. Sync Across Devices
8. Cross Platform Compatible
9. Import/Export From Excel Format

Check out all features on our official website: https://bookkeeperapp.net/appfeatures/

Book Keeper App is not just helping people to manage their business, it is changing the way, people manage their business. Most of our users are working on mobile when they travel and as soon as they reach their office, they switch to system. In background, Book Keeper synced their data seamlessly.

Try it free for 30 days. Download Link: https://bookkeeperapp.net/download

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