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Save lives


Greetings and happy weekend  from "RUDHIRAM"

I am Piyush Borad from Surat. We have developed an android application  "Rudhiram". Our only purpose is to help people find blood or organ without wasting time. Everyone knows in critical situation when there is a need of a blood of specific blood group or organ, it is difficult sometimes to get it on time. Due to this problem one may lost a life.  

As i have also seen many cases  like someone lost his or her life due to lack of blood or organ on time. We would like to make it possible to save as many human lives as possible. 

We are currently working on this project, we need funding for this project, if anyone would like to be a part of our social cause to help society, it would be glad to see you in our project.

RUDHIRAM App makes it easy to find a blood in emergency. It connects donor and receiver of a blood on a same place without losing a precious time as every second is important.

This App contains list of donor of all blood groups and instant contact facility in donors list. Also, you can post your blood requirement in blood requirement section. It will appear in a list of people who are in a need (people in need) section.

Blood bank details are also available with contact number and address, so it will be easy to be in touch with blood bank.

You can quickly register yourself with a few steps after downloading this app. Also, you can add people you know (family & friends). By donating blood we can save a human life.

We have also added one more important aspect Organ Requirement. It help us people to post their requirement for organs such as heart, kidney, lungs, eyes, bone marrow, liver, pancreas, blood vessels, cartilage, connective tissues, heart valves, skin etc.

We have also included a very important section IVF CENTER. Through which we want to connect people (who are facing problem with fertility) with best IVF CENTERS available nearby. To create happiness in people’s life by helping them.

We would like to help people to save life by connecting donors with those who really in need. 

Our Email ID - rudhiram1@gmail.com

Contact no. - +91 99133 13767

Below is our Play store link  to download on android phone


Facebook page link -  https://www.facebook.com/rudhiram4life/

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I am a post graduate with Marketing and Finance from Kohinoor Business School. I have work experience in Renewable Energy (Solar PV Module) of two years in Goldi Green technologies Pvt. Ltd. I have started my own fashion apparel and life style website name http://desichhori.com/ . I have also started one social project which name is Rudhiram and we have made an android application in this name . our purpose is to help people find blood and organ in emergency. Our android app link is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blood

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