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7 excellent tips to make sure you have the perfect monsoon wedding

Wedding happening in monsoons? Say no more. We've got you some amazing tips to save you from troubles. We know how much difficult it can get to prepare for a wedding during rains. But for all those who love rains and have decided to get hitched during this season, we've taken care of them. Read on to know more about how to have the perfect monsoon wedding!

Your Wedding Dress

Go for fabrics like net, chiffon, light satin, lace kota and crepe with light borders and heavy blouses as these are the best options which you can explore in this weather avoiding all the heavy fabrics like silk, velvet and brocade as they get quite uncomfortable due to their weight. Along with these tips we want to warn you about complicated draping styles for sarees or lehenga dupatta. Go light and easy yet beautiful on your wedding day.

Too Much Of Bling

Please we advise you to say no to too much of jewelry and adding kilos to yourself by wearing heavy wedding dress as they will make you more and more uncomfortable. Rather you can go for the rich look with lace work and minimal embroidery which will accentuate your look for the day. Let us tell you that going for a simple yet richer look always is a win win idea and much more comfortable than wearing all those heavy embellishments on your wedding dress.

Feet Beat

Just like your outfit, your feet should be comfortable as well. Say a big no to high heels, no matter how much comfortable you say they are, at one point high heels always give up on comfort and the feet start hurting badly. Less inched heels, wedges or platforms will work best. If you want to go a bit fancy and off beat, you can also try those blingy flats and colorful juttis.

Less Makeup is Best Makeup

Keep yourself more natural and clean with less make-up. Also, be prepared for some emotional moments on your wedding day so, use waterproof make-up. Insist that your makeup artist in Delhi NCR uses waterproof liners, foundations, and sets your make-up with a translucent and oil absorbing powder. It's a bit taxing to find a good makeup artist in Delhi NCR who will give you the perfect natural makeup specially in while the rains are on. As the humidity increases in this weather, you need professional makeup artist in India who will give you a flawless yet light makeup.

Style Hair

Instead of keeping your hair open on the wedding day, go for something different and stylish. Like a messy bun, fish braid with some minimal embellishments on it to make it look fancy. You can also use fresh flowers while making a bun or a braid as adornments.

Less Time for Workout

Around the time of marriage everyone starts going to the gym to look perfect for the wedding. They want to look their best but time is very less for them to focus on full body exercises to get that lean look. So if you want to burn a lot calories in the process you must only focus on lunging, squats, push-ups, rows, to get blood running throughout the body and eating healthy avoiding junk foods and lifting heavy weights. Yoga is said to be the best exercise around that tedious process of wedding management. Suryanamaskar and pranayam are the best asanas for all the stressed brides to get into shape.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Increase the intake of water and liquid items like fresh juice, lassi, lemonade along with eating fruits and vegetables as fibre is important for the glow in your skin. Reduce the quantity of salt and oil and increase the intake of milk protein and animal protein like chicken, fish and egg. Start your day with two teaspoons of honey and lemon in hot water. Have atleast 8-10 glasses of water to have that natural glow.

These are the best and easy tips which you can follow during your monsoon wedding to avoid any hassle and uncomfortable situations. It's a happy season and it should add that value into your beautiful wedding.

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