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This Mumbai-based company that is today steadily growing at a tremendous speed didn’t had a smooth ride when it was founded by Mr. Manoj Kumar (Founder) and Mr. Mahesh Patil (Co- Founder & Operation Head in Bigfoot Hospitality – a part of Bigfoot Holidays) in 2014. Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug their whole lives, the dynamic duo resigned their well-settled jobs in Russian Centre for Science and Culture (Manoj) and travelGURU.com (Mahesh) and incepted Bigfoot – a name indicating the big step taken by them.

  • Mr. Mahesh Patil Co Founder & Operation Head  in Bigfoot Hospitality – a part of Bigfoot Holidays
  • Mr. Manoj Kumar  Founder Bigfoot Holidays and Bigfoot Hospitality

Mahesh Patil has done diploma in Aviation & Graduation in Travel and Tourism. Holds a good knowledge of online and offline booking as he has work in both the domain in past.

Manoj Kumar is Graduate from Wilson College Mumbai. He is in this industry because of his interest of exploring the destination from early stage.

Rising Above the Challenges

Bigfoot rose above the aforementioned challenges with clear understanding of customer needs, including their need for quick access to relevant information and the ease and convenience of booking online. Providing specialized knowledge regarding destinations with available solutions, the company also creates strategic and tactical travel plans that efficiently and cost-effectively align and prioritizes those solutions to best address customer’s needs. As a cherry on the top, Bigfoot provides fast turnaround by adopting online reservation systems for managing mid-office and back-office functions as well as strong online distribution systems (B2C, B2B & B2B2C)

USP of the Company

The travel & tourism in India is a sun rise industry, an employment generator, a significant source of foreign exchange for the country and an economic activity that helps local and host communities. Thanks to the unparalleled beauty, uniqueness, rich culture and history of our country, the Indian tourism industry is thriving with an increase in foreign tourist arrivals and an unprecedented number of millennial Indians travelling to domestic destinations. However, the travel companies in India are wrestling with plunging customer loyalty; tremendous credit to their resistance to move away from manual and outdated processes which leads to errors, high operating costs and slow turnaround times. Standing out in sharp contrast amidst such firms by maintaining superior customer service quality is Bigfoot Holidays.

Keeping our customer service quality at an acceptable level from early stage is helping us to gain the confidence of our new clients,” quotes a humble Manoj Kumar.
“We believe that anyone who stands with us has a capability to being an entrepreneur and treat them as one of us. This makes our people feel that they’re working for their own company and makes them more proactive,” remarks Mahesh Patil.

Having witnessed a tremendous growth in FY2016-17, Bigfoot is focusing on increasing its revenue by 23-28 percent in the third & fourth quarters as well.

It also plans to expand its strength to reach out to more audience/hotel. The company intends to stay focused on the product it’s offering to its partner hotels via Bigfoot Hospitality and wants to develop more offbeat & unexplored destination travel packages for clients who crave to do something different which no online portals are offering. Bigfoot seeks around 60+ hotel tie up in Bigfoot Hospitality and 300+ closure of Domestic and Outbound inquiry in Bigfoot Holidays by end of this financial year.


Bigfoot Holidays: Though Bigfoot Holidays does worldwide Hotel Reservations, Car Rentals Chauffeur Driven & Self Drive, Air Ticketing, and Weekend Gateways, the company’s forte is tailor-made luxury travel, where each journey is flawlessly tailored to provide the traveler a hassle-free experience. Its exceptional guides and local experts along with sumptuous food, premium wines and luxurious properties ensure worthwhile customized itineraries. 

Bigfoot Hospitality: It considers Online Marketing & Revenue Management as its flagship product amongst its wide array of services namely Online Hotel Distribution Management, Free Hotel Booking Engine, Online Marketing &Revenue Management, Channel Manager, Hotel Website Designing & Optimization, and Hotel Photo Shoot & Virtual Tour – which have been helping its partner hotels to grow their revenue.

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