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Don't know what to do in my life but have some dream

Zidd Karo Aage Badho

 Don't know how  to start an article writing about My Life because this first time  i am writing an article in my life with my self. So don't mind because there will be to many  mistake. :)) 

Hello everyone, today i am going to tell you story  of my life (19 years  only) because i am 19 years old. I was in 2nd standard when  i saw poor people who is working in my father's feild. I saw poor have to struggle for everything they don't have money to buy food & there living condition is very bad. From that moment i started thinking how i can help them to give good lifestyle.  I started dream with open eyes to change the life of poor people  by started making changes in my life.  I don't have any idea how to make changes in my life & from where to start. I was sleepless  every night  for 2 to 3 hour in thinking what unique quality i have from that i will be able to change the life style of poor people. And one day i got an idea from which i will we able to change the life style of poor people  i.e  i have to become a Businessman.

Now Businessman  word comes to my mind  & i started thinking  how to become a businessman  & to become a businessman what should i do. "sochte sochte 6 sal ghujar gaya".

Real School Life  

Now i am in 8th standard &  Vary 1 st day of my school i saw a  beautiful girl in my class & from that moment i fall  in love with  her but  actually that is not love i.e attraction. I started following her everywhere. One of my senior friend Roshan raj know her very well & i told him that  "kuch setting karwa do bhai" he told i will try my best.  Roshan raj is very good in programming  & he run a website from which he started earning. One day our school principle come to know about his webiste and found something bad  on his website as per my knowledge & he was restricted from  school. But we are very good friend  right now  also. That moment  one thing hit in  my mind that roshan is earning money from his website without investing  to much money. From that moment i  started searching on google  that how to make website and after searching for to many times i come to know that for making website  need to learn programming.

 After 2 years when i was in 10th class i went to my village where mother &  fathers live.  I saw  there is to many problem in finding labour for working in feild. Too much time is wasted in finding workers and i wanted to solve this problem  and  i got the  solution. I started researching on my solution  how to do & when to do.  " mein 2 sal tak iss idea pe kam karte raha " till 12 th class.

College life

There is nothing interesting in college life because i left my college after 1st sem. when i was in PG i was in search of good friend with whom i can start my own business. I told my business idea to too many friend but only one of my friend showed interest in my idea. After 1st sem  we started our company EPIC VILA ( www.epicvila.com )  which provide professional for home services in Chandigarh, Mohali.  

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