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Top seven social media marketing platforms every business should follow

(Top 7 Social Media Marketing Platforms)
(Top 7 Social Media Marketing Platforms)

Nowadays, social media status has gained more importance that the social status of a person or business in a human society. It is important to be seen and liked in these social media to keep your presence remembered by your followers. Otherwise, it is as simple as out of sight, out of mind. Well, it is not so very hard to be seen on the social media, and with the increase in the number of platforms available, it is becoming easier still. The hard part is looking for a good social media marketing agency in India which believes that social media is truly the best marketing platform for any business. Also handling the SEO company in India becomes easier with good use of these platforms.

Let us look at the top 7 social media platforms which should be followed by the social media marketing agency which you plan to recruit:

1. Facebook:

The most popular social networking site among all age groups, Facebook, is the best platform for this very reason for marketing your business. The option of liking, sharing and reacting to the live feed on the networking site can spread the popularity of your business in no time. Facebook assists businesses through their Facebook Ads feature where the ads that the businesses buy from facebook can be optimized.

2. Twitter:

Apart from the ability to get messages through really quick with the help if tweets and retweeting posts, Twitter can also help have access to the account analytics. But the best part has happened since Twitter has become search engine friendly. Google is combining forces with Twitter by picking up words from tweets focusing the attention on businesses and marketers on Twitter.

3. Instagram:

Promoting your brand with classy photos and videos is the fun way of marketing your business on Instagram. Get instant recognition online by keeping up with the trend. But the criticism that this platform faces is that the only way to share your brand is by reporting it which is not as easy as sharing posts on Facebook or retweeting on Twitter.

4. LinkedIn:

Although this platform is not as famous as the rest of the social networking sites, but by creating a company page on this platform can have its merits as it can make your business look as good as it possibly is. This site helps you to promote your business by sharing the page with other professionals and businesses of your stream, who further can share the same to other important individuals.

5. YouTube:

The popularity of video content is spreading like a rage and if you want to be a part of it, join the bandwagon and get a YouTube account stat. The engagement factor for your followers is at the peak with the help of videos and you can use them to show the behind the scenes of the working of your business environment.

6. Snapchat:

This platform is suitable for businesses that are planning to target the younger generation for its products. This site enables the user to send short stories in the form of a video featuring celebrities advertising your product and also some fun behind the scenes. Sounds promising!!

7. Pinterest:

A powerful tool to particular industries, this site can easily help you gain followers through pins. When these pins are shared, more and more people can view your product. Now there is also an option where you can directly sell your products on this site.

Choosing from any of the above platforms depends upon the field of business as well as your budget and also the ease of working on these platforms by your social media marketers.

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Caroline Murphy is an award-winning Tech blogger and web professional - who writes about new technology & shares business ideas. She is also a content marketing specialist at Notion Technologies, an award-winning Web Designing Company in Mumbai.

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