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How to Choose the Perfect Restaurant POS System

the Perfect Restaurant POS System

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you need a POS system for your restaurant, chances are you see a lot of foot traffic. Managing that foot traffic efficiently will lead to a lot of profitable days and room for growth- but only if the POS system you choose is up to the challenge.

Not all point of sales systems are created equal and in the same sense, every business has their own individual needs. Choosing the right system for your restaurant starts by knowing exactly what you need from your restaurant POS system.

Decide What Features You  Actually Need

If you’re anything like most restaurateurs, it’s easier to know what you don’t want from a system rather than what you do. Before you pick up the phone to any POS provider, you need to get a clear image of what you expect from your POS system.

Take the time analyze a single interaction in your store. Analyze your inventory. Step away from the counter and try to get a clear image for your Ranks Feed restaurant as a whole- which features will drastically impact your staff and customer’s ease of access.

Keep a moving list and ask each of your servers and managers what they need to make their jobs more efficient. Whether you discover that your inventory is a mess or your hand-written tickets are cascading off the counters, taking this time to evaluate your business will help direct you to a POS system that will truly benefit your staff and the bottom line.

Don’t get distracted by features. You can have 500 features and not use a single one. Sure, the more the merrier- but make sure they all apply to your restaurant’s workflow. Create a checklist and ask yourself questions like:

● Do you need an accounting integration?

● Do you need to accept online orders?

● Do you need to manage the tables and floor?

● Do you help smoothing ordering out in the kitchen?

● Do you need a credit card processor?

Try your best to address every issue you have in your restaurant with a feature your restaurant POS system should provide.

Determine Your Budget and Start Your Search

It’s easy to get big eyes for software. However, it’s important to know what you can actually afford. Sit down with your accountant and check the books to get a realistic idea of what you can afford before you start your search.

Not only does this help to narrow the field and show you option you can realistically afford, it helps you get an idea of how far the features can go for your buck. Once you have a list of 5-10 POS systems, start the process of calling around. You can tell a lot about a company and how they're going to treat you during the acquisition process.

More importantly-you can talk to a real person about whether or not their system will work for your restaurant. If you can’t reach a real person… Well, that tells you how any troubleshooting calls would go while working with that company

Try to Take a Test Drive of the POS System

In most cases, POS system  Strong Article providers provide a wealth of opportunities to test drive their software. Whether that’s through free trials or demonstrating a demo, the providers should be able to show you the product in action.

Don’t ever purchase a POS system before you know how it works on the front end and the back end. Pull out your checklist and compare the features you want against the system’s to determine if the system will bring value to your restaurant.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a POS system you’ve made a big step in your restaurant. Why? Because you have the need for a POS system. Once you find the system of your dreams, your restaurants workflows will run seamlessly and your accountant will be happy to see the business in order.

What POS system do you use in your restaurant? Share your struggles and successes in the comments. 

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