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Five actionable ways to improve your communication – A must read for every entrepreneur

Communication doesn’t always require words, it can also be a non-verbal communication. Eye contact, hand gestures and body language plays a major role in communicating with others. Your message should be conveyed to your target  and that should have few qualities to make it the best.

Listening:  Listen Carefully and patiently to others. Always listen to understand not to respond. Nod your head when others are talking so they may know that you are listening to them. Make note of the points that you want to respond to because you may forget it as you will listen to lots of points from the same topic.

Eye Contact and Body language:  Looking people’s eyes when you talk is really very important. It is believed that you talk truth when you look into people’s eyes and you have the confidence when you look into someone’s eyes when you talk, on the other hand, it is considered to be lack of confidence and you tend to hide something from the person when you don’t look at their eyes. It is also considered to be hesitation to talk with them when you don’t look at their eyes. So, Never miss the eye contact when you talk with others. Body language also plays a major role. Have your hands in the pocket when you stand or make some gentle gestures.

Empathy:  Always be empathetic when you talk with others. Even though you disagree with your co-workers or staffs, it is your complete responsibility to listen to them and understand their point of view. Be calm and patient when you reply so that they will agree with you automatically. Use words that could melt the people who converse with you. Use a very polite phrase like “I Understand your point”, “I totally agree your point”, etc. to make your communication empathetic.

Pick your right medium:  Communicating with people requires a very good English knowledge basically. It is definitely important to have a Fluency in English and many professionals still choose to go to spoken English classes to improve their English. Here is the list of Best Spoken English classes in Chennai if you are looking to take up a training. As an entrepreneur, it is not sufficient to know the limited Indian languages alone. Some international languages should also be known to communicate with clients in Europe. Mostly commonly spoken international languages like German, Spanish, etc. can also be learned. There are  German classes offered at many places in India, checkout this list to find the best German Classes in Chennai

Smile:  Have a smile on your face always. It is the best way to present yourself to others. Smiling creates a friendly tone on you and people will feel comfortable to talk with you.

Hope you find this article useful. 

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