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From fashionless to becoming a fashion czar

An Entrepreneur grows a business by taking risks in the hope of success and monetary benefits. Not everyone can become an entrepreneur because taking risks can lead to big success and at the same time can lead to failure. Not all entrepreneurs are successful in their first try and many successful entrepreneurs have failed small businesses before achieving a profitable investment. Being from the fashion industry I take inspiration from the story of Jeremy Scott, Creative Director of Moschino. His story gives boost to what Winston Churchill once said ““Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

The journey of Scott and his success story of how he came from nothing to achieve his dreams, all the risks he had to take and all the handwork which finally paid off. The people’s designer, as he is known, was born in the Kansas City in the United States. Even when he was a farm boy, he was very particular about his dressing and style. Since childhood he expressed himself with his clothes so much so that he got into trouble at his school multiple times. Everyone told him he was weird. When he graduated from high school, he decided to move to New York City to pursue his dream in Fashion. He was rejected by one of New York City’s premier public institutions, Fashion Institute of Techonology (FIT). He was termed non original and lacking fashion sense. But Scott didn’t give up, and joined Pratt Institute for Design in Brooklyn, New York.

After he graduated, Scott did not know how he would do it but he decided he had to make it big in the fashion world. He then decided to move to Paris to look for work and even after being rejected multiple times, he didn't give up on his dream. A friend told him if he's so good, he should put up his own show and to everyone’s surprise, he did. And this was Jeremy Scott's first break in the Fashion world.

No one had ever done an independent Fashion show and Scott got the attention of the French media, who were surprised at this American who had come to Paris and conducted his own show in a city whose designers ruled the fashion world at that time.

Fast forward in time and now Jeremy Scott is the creative head of one of the world's top brands and also has his own label. He still designs taking inspiration from his childhood, adding a lot of cartoons in his clothes. One of his biggest successes with the brand was his collaboration with McDonalds, the M and Moschino, he has become the face of the brand and yes he is the star designer.

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