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Project Checkmate

The project launched in April 2016 to teach chess to the underprivileged

Project Checkmate was launched by Devanshi Rathi in April 2016. The aim of this project is to spread the game of chess to the underprivileged children. Devanshi teaches a group of around 20 students who learn the game enthusiastically. Out of these children, six students also went for the Delhi State Rapid Chess Tournament in May 2016. The children have learnt the basics and the intermediates of chess theory. They have also learnt about chess history and the modern chess game. There has been a simultaneous chess exhibition also where each child got to play with Devanshi on a separate board. The classes are held at the ISHWAR NGO in New Delhi and are held twice a week for two hours each.The NGO has been extremely supportive towards this project and have been encouraging at each step. The NGO is doing great work in other fields of teaching as well and they are really trying their best to make something out of these talented bunch of children.

The project was taken up by ‘Chess for Children’ who sponsored the certificates for the 1st ISHWAR NGO Tournament. The children have also started learning chess on the computer by the new online chess learning program started at the NGO. We have also made a board games club and a library at the NGO with the donations collected.

It has been an eventful two months for this programme and we hope to take it to further heights. We want to help these children achieve their goals in their lives in whatever small way possible. Even by teaching them chess in such few classes they have enjoyed so much that they want to keep on going. They practice with the chess kits given to them which included a pen, a notebook, a chess kit and some tips and tricks authored by me. Chess books are also available in the newly created library and they are enjoying each moment.

The biggest learning of this programme is that nothing in life can come easily. It has to be achieved with hard work and dedication. Even though one may not have the means, one can achieve his/her dreams provided they have a passion and work towards it. Chess is a great tool to shape our minds and if we have a positive approach we can improve our game a lot.

Project checkmate not only helps to spread the game of chess to these children but also teaches them things which can’t be learnt through a normal life of kids of their age in their school. The tournament experience was a one to be cherished by the children. They also managed to make a few friends and learnt all about what it actually takes to be playing and winning at a tournament.

We now look forward for some more bright and eventful sessions with the children at the NGO.

You can visit our website- www.projectcheckmate.weebly.com

Training Session in Progress
Training Session in Progress
Delhi State Rapid Chess Tournament 2016
Delhi State Rapid Chess Tournament 2016
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