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Dreams are cooked, all are invited 

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

My life path has been a blessing and a great learning experience. Writing is my passion and I don't see that changing. When I'm not writing, I love to analyse the various information and emotions around me.. 

But as life settled peacefully with a wonderful family with my two handsome toddlers, I was in a turmoil within myself. I had begun to think that all the years and money that went into my education is going waste. My kids are too small to be taught anything except one-two-three. Where would I utilize my hard earned knowledge and expertise on the degrees I hold. I am a Clinical Pharmacist and a Bio Informatician. I have always had a great social circle not just to have fun but for being mentally and physically involved in social projects and participating in cultural and entertainment activities.

After marriage, my perfection mania extended to cooking and recipe collection. In fact my love for food and recipe collection date back to my college days spend in old Lucknow. The heavenly aroma of the kababs and neharis prompted me to extend my stay in the "Nawabon ke shehar" Lucknow. No wonder I was already an Awadhi by birth(from a city called Pratapgarh, royalty indeed of the 7 Rajas plus Raja Bhaiyya, it's famous/infamous for). But I was born and brought up in Middle East and have no clear memories of childhood in India.

At 18 years of age when I joined my University in Allahabad, it was my first experience of having a pani-poori on street. The very feeling was so overwhelming with joy that I started loving the Indian Street food forever. While living in Lucknow for my post graduation, I had become much aware of life in India. My marriage to a handsome Lucknow boy whom my father admired passionately and my father's sudden death made my life change overnight. Family life then took prominence and it was time for me to take life seriously.

Then came "cooking " in my life. Everyday I felt that I have to cook something special. That again left me in by-lanes of Delhi(where I shifted with hubby) and cook books to search for new recipes and methods of cooking.

Don't get an impression that people in family did nothing to help me. I am lucky in this regard to have super talented people in my family who are exceptional in cooking talents. We are a big bunch of people in my hometown where only elders cooked and us little mortals get to cook only Maggie. In Lucknow too my very loving and compassionate mother in law was always there to guide and mostly even cook for the family. My habit of cooking everything with a different touch, to know how others cooked developed only while living in Delhi. Initially I got applauded for my Chicken Biryani and curries and later on I learned almost all the hidden gems.

The  things that worked for me were the background in web designing and algorithms combined with the passion that I've always had for writing. I can say going through different things that passion is the most crucial part rather than skills or talent or any of that stuff.

Indianhomefood.in is just a stepping stone forward in the journey of life. Here I will be sharing everything I know about cooking with an added and researched angle on fitness and nutrition. I hope my readers will benefit from it. My mother who stays with me now has provided me with a sea of information of the traditional ways of Awadhi cooking. My husband is all praises for this effort and keeps giving his perspective and insights in all technical aspects.

For what may follow, you have to come and visit my website indianhomefood.in. I really hope this effort of mine doesn't go in vain. And when are you guys sharing your food stories with me. I have made arrangements for you people to come and share your cooking stories. All are invited.

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Ghazala Akhtar is a face behind Indianhomefood.in. Ghazala, known in Mobile VAS industry as a content aggregator, is a Bio Informatics Professional and a Clinical Pharmacist too. She has been providing numerous cooking and health tips in the form of SMS services globally. Her passion for writing and blogging while carrying her two toddlers on lap makes sure she brings her allround experience and insight to readers table everyday

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