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What MBA Trends Will India See In 2017?

Management landscape in India continues to shift by the day with more and more businesses and startups being set up each new day.

The management landscape in India continues to shift by the day with more and more businesses and startups being set up each new day. With the country recovering rapidly from an intense period of economic slowdown post demonetization, the people and the businesses of India look all set and positioned to be on a rapid growth track towards achieving their newly set goals. Let us take a look at how this evolving scenario is expected to affect things for top MBA colleges in India  in 2017.

Greater Employability For MBAs Across The Country

Thanks to the greater number of manufacturing, financial and service organizations being set-up throughout the country, the demand for skilled managers has risen to an all-time high. This is primarily due to the good market conditions and positive economic atmosphere in the country and indicates an undeniably bright future for management professionals looking for good work.

Average Salaries Up By 5-10%

The 2015-17 batches of top B-Schools across India have something to celebrate about with a marked increase being witnessed across their average and highest salary packages post placement. The change has been attributed to rising investments across industries owing to an optimistic outlook being displayed towards possible growth opportunities by investors - both present and potential.

Positive Effects Of ‘Make In India’ And ‘Startup India’

Both the industrial and corporate sectors alike have been revitalized by the ‘Make In India’ and ‘Startup India’ campaigns. These developments have effectively brought in a massive influx of foreign investments and funding from across various multinational companies looking to set up their offshore industrial plants and corporate offices here. This in turn has increased the number of employment opportunities available for MBAs across various fields all throughout India.

Companies Looking Beyond IIMs For Managers

A more recent and highly positive development concerning the world of management is that more and more companies have now begun to look outside of the traditional IIM institutes for finding competent managers. For instance, the placement records of internationally renowned and reputed institutes such as Symbiosis clearly show that if an institute is truly good enough, the MBA grads coming from there are not only employable but also world-class as managerial resources.

We hope these exciting developments in the world of MBA encourage you to be a part of the top B Schools  in India  such as the many Symbiosis management institutes. We wish you the very best for your future career!