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We want  our children from out of the crowd 

If our kids enter into the schools at first day we start thinking Engineering or medicine which one gives better ROI. Is that is the thing want in that age for them.They have life they have feelings they have some interests.We never encourages their interests We will teach them what we  want and what we know .We never teach what they want and what they like.Every parent asks their children at age of 6 or 7 what you want to became in future,but when that time comes they will see only two ways either engineering or medicine.these are the only courses we have.

We are proudly saying my son is working in top MNC,My daughter is at great position in top company .They are not ready to say my son is talented he is going to start own firm,My daughter is very smart she has own business.Why because they are not encouraged in that way from childhood,If even their children have that dreams they never ready to encourage .Once upon a time parents said to their children like in future you also become like bill greats or someone ,But now days they are showing  our neighbour's  son/daughter who is working in some X MNC ,you also become like that start working in top company.

When the matters come to the students they also have some guilty feeling about degree in arts, hotel management etc etc .They also want some dignity in qualification they want B.Tech or MBBS after their  name .But how many students    are real engineers and  how many students are engineers with only engineering degree.In our country how many engineering colleges have  perfect labs,perfect infra structure how many faculty take responsibility for their students projects their career.

We are going forward or going back??In schools what students are studying is 60-70 years old concepts.They will know advance topics only when they will come to graduation level.that means he knows that topic 20 years back but he will take 20 years to known what current technology.

Where the problem is????The problem is in parents teachers or in students.We want to observe our children lifestyle what they want,in what they interested  we will encourage in that way.

We have so many engineers and doctors.Is this is correct thing  we want to throw our children in that crowd  or we want take responsibility to take them out from that crowd stand alone like one of the best person the field what they like what they want. 


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